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Best Amazon Cloud Camera

At the point when I began working for Security Baron, I realized I needed my office to be snared.

I mean snared: a high-def TV, the comfiest love seat, all the coolest shrewd home gadgets and cameras, a pleasant work area…

As I check out my room, I'm glad to state that my office is drawing near to being altogether deceived out. Many of my gadgets originate from Amazon, really. I got my Fire TV set up and I have it incorporated with my Alexa, my Echo, and my Echo spot. I have my own Amazon environment here.

These apparatuses have unquestionably made my work life much simpler, so I was energized when Amazon turned out with their own home surveillance camera, the Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor. At the point when I requested it, I sensed that I found the missing piece to the riddle.

In any case, before I got excessively energized, I realized I needed to test this camera out. Amazon has been incredible to me up until this point, yet did they make an item that holds up to industry models?

What Amazon Offers

From a basic look at the bundle, it appears to me like the Amazon Cloud Cam has every one of the rudiments secured. You have:

1080p HD for clear and fresh video

Livestreams available on the internet browser and on the portable application

Movement activated warnings to disclose to you when you should check out the livestream or view a recorded clasp

Two-path sound to speak with pets or family when you're away or in an alternate room

Infrared night vision to get those night creepers

Distributed storage with a 30-day free preliminary to any of Amazon's membership bundles

Alexa incorporation to make your life progressively advantageous and sans hands

The entirety of this sounds great, however we should unload everything and set up everything together.

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Starting Thoughts


Amazon Cloud Cam in Hand

Inside the container, I found the camera, a power connector, USB link, divider mounting plate, stays, and screws.

I was cheerful that it accompanied the entirety of that mounting gear, just on the off chance that I at any point needed to put it on a divider or screw it into the roof. Yet, here at Security Baron, we're not into placing openings in the divider each time we audit a camera. I saw that the Amazon Cloud Cam has this elastic covering at the base so I can simply put it on any surface without stressing over mounting. I additionally loved the wonderful way I could rotate the camera anyplace around the ball mount. This will give me a great deal of alternatives for how to point my camera.

Amazon Cloud Cam Rubber Bottom

The Cloud Cam is around four inches tall and it weighs simply under a pound. I additionally found that it has an extremely hard plastic shell, which made me feel like this gadget is extremely solid. I don't need to stress over my feline thumping it over and breaking it.

At the rear of the camera I found the square USB port, which I thought was one of a kind for the most part you simply observe that little gap where you stick a little small scale USB plug. Yet, the fitting for this camera has a thick square shape that hotels into a likewise formed indent. So, the attachment won't be yanked out effectively, an or more in the event that you have meddlesome children.

As a rule, however, I'm not wowed by the Amazon Cloud Cam style. The shading plan is essential (high contrast) in the same way as other cameras available. What's more, when you see it, doubtlessly it's a camera. This implies it will be more enthusiastically to cover it with your ceramics or different articles you like to embellish your home with.

Be that as it may, I'm increasingly centered around how to get this thing started up.

The Amazon Cloud Cam offers 1080p HD video, combination with Alexa, and infrared night vision, among other Necessary Features.


Setting it Up

The uplifting news is: the Amazon Cloud camera is so natural to set up. It most likely took me barely 10 minutes.

Without a doubt, I'm as of now acquainted with Amazon gadgets so I may have a bit of leeway all I needed to do was fitting and play. In any case, regardless of whether you're not incorporated into the Amazon biological system, I can't envision that the arrangement procedure would take over 30 minutes.


Amazon Cloud Power Outlet in Back

You should simply connect your camera, download the Amazon Cloud Cam App and pair the camera to your cell phone. When that happens, the application will walk you through all the set up steps and voila! You have your livestream film.

I simply need to note here that for a considerable lot of the home surveillance cameras we've tried, we've needed to ensure we were associated with rapid web to guarantee a smooth arrangement process. The Amazon Cloud Cam was the same.

Simply ensure you have every one of those beautiful Wi-Fi circular segments at the highest point of your gadget before you fire setting the camera up. You'll express gratitude toward me for this, I swear.

Security Baron Necessary Features

Okay! Presently is the minute you've all been hanging tight for.

It's an ideal opportunity to put the Amazon Cloud Cam through the thorough, very uncovering Security Baron Necessary Features Test. Here at the workplace, we've seen numerous surveillance cameras — the great ones and the awful ones — and from the entirety of that testing, we thought of our own measures to check whether a gadget is quality.

I don't know, however I think the Amazon Cloud Cam can hang.

amazon-cloud-cam-fundamental highlights

Amazon Cloud Cam Security Baron Necessary Features

Video Quality


Amazon Cloud Cam Video Display

How about we start with the 1080p HD video. With film like this I can see everything super obviously. The vast majority of the best cameras available come furnished with 1080p HD so the Amazon Cloud Cam is doing very well in the video division.

Be that as it may, there's something different that separates it: It shoots 30 casings for every second instead of 20 edges for each second, the normal that I see with different cameras. The expanded edges every second extraordinarily improves the livestream pictures. In any event, when I utilized the computerized zoom, nothing got excessively foggy.

What's more, there didn't appear to be any slack between what was going on progressively and what was occurring in my Cloud Cam application. With different cameras I've utilized, there's quite often a half-second slack, which I had recently thought was a web issue. Be that as it may, I didn't transform anything about my Wi-Fi and the Amazon Cloud Cam worked flawlessly.

The main thing that didn't dazzle me about the video was the field of view. The Cloud Cam offers 120 degrees worth of film which can cover the greater part of my office. This field of view is great—it unquestionably fulfills the business guideline. In any case, given that I've seen cameras with review points up to 180 degrees, this field of view is not a big deal.

Night Mode


Amazon Cloud Cam Night Vision

A similar fresh, clear, slack free video that you find in the customary mode makes an interpretation of splendidly into night mode. It's imperative to have quality night vision so you can see gatecrashers on the off chance that they are sneaking around in obscurity.

What I love the most about the Amazon Cloud Cam's night vision is that it records utilizing infrared LED lighting. A few cameras utilizes brilliant light, which is brutal to take a gander at. Additionally, envision that you're a robber and you stroll in to see a splendid light sparkling in your face. Wouldn't you need to kill the light? With infrared LED lighting, the interloper would not know that he is being recorded in crisp evening vision. It's an overly basic element for any quality surveillance camera, and in this classification, the Amazon Cloud Cam takes it out of the recreation center.

Sound Quality


Amazon Cloud Cam Audio Holes

I love that this camera accompanies two-way sound. I can simply utilize my telephone like a walkie-talkie and converse with anybody when I'm nowhere to be found. The sound is truly fresh, as well.

As fun as this component seems to be, I imagine that Amazon is promising a little a lot of with regards to the two-way sound's abilities. On the site it says you can utilize this element to "check in with the children after school [or] advise your pooch to quit yapping."

I don't think about you and your relationship to your pooch resembles, however my little guy barely tunes in to me when I'm close by. I truly question he'll tune in over the camera (this might be an individual issue).

Full checks for sound!

Savvy Platform Integration


Amazon Alexa and Amazon Cloud Cam

Clearly, the major in addition to the Amazon Cloud Cam is that it coordinates with… I'll give you a minute to figure…

the Amazon environment!

When I set the camera up with my Echo, Echo Dot or Fire TV, I can advise Alexa to put the livestream on my TV without moving a muscle. I could likewise advise Alexa to kill my camera on or without taking out my versatile application. The conceivable outcomes are unfathomable.

In spite of the fact that the camera works consistently with Amazon associated gadgets, I am baffled to state that it can't combine up with Google Assistant or other IFTTT gadgets.

So on the off chance that you purchase the Cloud Cam, you're left with the Amazon coordination in any case.

Facial Recognition


Amazon Cloud Cam Person Detection Screenshot from Website

The significant short to the Amazon Cloud Cam is that there is no facial acknowledgment highlight included. This implies the camera can't the distinction between my neighbor Steve who comes to bolster my fish when I'm away and an anonymous interloper.

With the paid membership, which I'll talk about in a piece, individual discovery is accessible. That implies that while the camera can't let you know precisely who the individual is, it will reveal to you when there are individuals in the territory you're recording rather than autos, pets, and so on. More on this later. For the absence of free facial acknowledgment, I can't give the Cloud Camera full stamps for this class.


Like I said before: this gadget is so natural to set up. This is significant on the grounds that we need to work with cameras that are solid and that are anything but difficult to re-introduce in the event that anything occurs. In addition you need to make the most of your DIY home security experience, no?

In case you're now acquainted with Alexa and the Echo gadgets, you can set up the Amazon Cloud Cam inside minutes. In case you're curious about Amazon items, your camera ought to effortlessly synchronize to your cell phone and be fully operational without any issues.

Simply ensure you have solid Wi-Fi!


One thing I saw quickly is that there is no neighborhood stockpiling choice for the Amazon Cloud Cam. This is a bummer since I can envision that there are times when I need to utilize a SD card to effectively move a lot of information from my camera to my PC.

Nonetheless, Amazon offers distributed storage, and they even give you a 30-day free preliminary to evaluate one of their membership plans. Regardless of whether you don't decide to buy a membership, despite everything you'll have distributed storage for as long as 24 hours of film for up to three cameras. Additionally, the membership bundles accompany other premium highlights, as well.

Recall how I said the Amazon Cloud Cam doesn't have facial acknowledgment programming? All things considered, on the off chance that you purchase a bundle plan, the camera will rather have individual identification. That implies that the camera will have the option to differentiate between a pet and a human (except if you'd preferably be informed each time a winged creature flies past your window). The individual location programming has its cutoff points, however; regardless it can't tell who the human is. Poor Steve will consistently be an alien to the Cloud Cam.


Amazon Cloud Cam Activity Zones Screenshot from Website

The membership designs likewise enable you to set up indicated action zones so your camera won't send warnings with respect to territories that you couldn't care less about (think about the previously mentioned fowl).

These highlights sound extraordinary, however I wish I didn't need to pay for them. Numerous cameras incorporate man-made consciousness for less cash in general. Be that as it may, we'll get to correlations later.


That carries us to esteem.

With everything taken into account, for $120 dollars, the Amazon Cloud Cam Indoor is incredible. It incorporates:

1080p HD video

Two-way sound

Worked in 24 hour distributed storage for up to three cameras

Night vision

Despite the fact that it does not have the computerized reasoning highlights of its rivals, this camera is as yet an incredible item and at last worth the cash. I would particularly prescribe to it individuals previously charmed inside the Amazon biological system.

Pause! There's More

Home/Away Mode

This element is dope. Using geofencing innovation, the Amazon Cloud Cam will quit recording when my telephone is close to it. As it were, my cell phone is telling my camera that all is well, that it's only me in the room. It can unwind. Wouldn't we as a whole profit by such a minding nearness?

Amazon Cloud Cam App


The Amazon Cloud App

Okay! How about we take a gander at the application.

I had an extraordinary encounter utilizing the Amazon Cloud App, yet others had blended sentiments, with 3 stars and 4 stars from the Apple and Google Play Stores, individually.

At the point when I open the application, I promptly observe livestream is directly in the center. From that point, I can see, download, spare and offer the movement actuated clasps, just as include another camera or change my cloud plans.

In settings I can change the movement identification affectability, the recurrence of warnings, and the home/away mode. On the off chance that you are paying for a membership, you can change your individual identification highlight just as your movement zones. In the event that I need to mount my camera from the roof, I can press the alternative to flip the video. This may appear glaringly evident, however numerous cameras constrain you to see your recording topsy turvy.

In general the application is very easy to use and makes controlling your camera a breeze.

What you don't get

I've just settled that the Amazon Cloud Cam is extraordinary, yet once more, it doesn't have everything.

This is what's missing:

Facial acknowledgment

Nearby stockpiling

Cautions or alarms while a few cameras accompany an alert to drive away interlopers or let everybody realize that your security has been undermined, the Amazon Cloud Cam isn't one of them

Brilliant stage combination other then with Amazon items

Amazon versus The Competition

The Amazon Cloud Camera is best contrasted with the Nest Cam Indoor, the Blink Indoor Camera, and the Arlo Q. They all offer comparable abilities for under $200, yet we should jump into the subtleties of each.

Home Cam Indoor

home cam-indoor-survey

Home Cam Indoor

So in the wake of breaking down the specs of the Nest Cam Indoor, I'm not persuaded that it's a superior purchase than the Amazon Cloud Cam — particularly when it's $79 increasingly costly. Indeed, I saw them as fundamentally the same as cameras.

What I preferred about the Nest Cam is its plan. The dark edge is just around five inches tall and three inches wide, which means I can shroud it more effectively than the Amazon Cloud Cam. Different advantages of the Nest Indoor are that its review edge is more extensive at 130 degrees and it can incorporate with frameworks past Alexa. You can combine it up with Google Assistant IFTTT, and Philips Hue lights. Besides, the Nest Indoor can record ceaselessly all day, every day, while the Amazon Cloud cam just records movement activated occasions.

I wasn't dazzled by the Nest Cam's memory abilities. Home just offers three free long stretches of distributed storage, contrasted with the Cloud Cam's 24 hours. Neither one of the cameras has neighborhood stockpiling.

In the event that you need to move up to get as long as 30 days of capacity, you should purchase Nest Aware. Alongside the extra distributed storage, you'll get better man-made consciousness programming, similar to movement location, sound recognition, and alarms when a canine barks, an individual talks, or the camera sees a commonplace face. You'll likewise have the option to set up action zones which mark significant territories for the camera to screen, similar to a window or a bassinet's. It's additionally critical to take note of that while individual location accompanies the Nest Indoor, it is a piece of the subscript for the Amazon Cloud Cam.

On the off chance that you approve of paying more for man-made brainpower alternatives and joining with Google and Philips Hue, the Nest Indoor may be the camera for you. To find out additional, look at our Nest Cam Indoor survey.

Flicker Indoor Camera

The Blink Indoor Camera is okay, yet I got the chance to state: if the Blink and the Amazon Cloud Cam met in Pokemon fight, I'm picking the Cloud.

flicker indoor-camera

Flicker Indoor Camera on box

The Blink Indoor misses a couple of industry norms. For one, the review point is just 110 degrees wide, contrasted with the Cloud's 120 degrees. It records in 720 HD, a downsize from the fresh and clear 1080p HD of the Cloud Cam. What's more, the Blink Indoor Camera needs two-way sound, a free component of the Cloud Cam.

Correspondingly, the Blink Indoor additionally disillusions with regards to night vision. Rather than utilizing infrared LED lights, imperceptible to the unaided eye, the Blink utilizes a splendid light that gatecrashers would take note.

Since life is about equalization, we should discuss the things I like about the Blink Indoor Camera. I like how the Blink Indoor is a remote camera with a great two-year battery life. On the off chance that you are hoping to put an indoor camera some place not near an electrical plug, the Blink Indoor may be a superior alternative than the Amazon Cloud Cam.

Capacity shrewd, the Blink Indoor offers both cloud and neighborhood, dissimilar to the Amazon Cloud Cam which just offers distributed storage. Squint just offers two hours worth of free distributed storage, which is really disillusioning contrasted with the Cloud's 24. There are no membership plans accessible for extra stockpiling.

As Amazon claims Blink, the two cameras are just coordinated with Amazon, despite the fact that this could change with programming refreshes.

The Blink Indoor camera may be a superior decision for you in the event that you unquestionably need neighborhood stockpiling and a battery-controlled camera. Something else, the Amazon Cloud Cam takes the cake in the greater part of the classes.

Need more data on the Blink Indoor? Here's our Blink Indoor Camera audit.

Arlo Q


Arlo Q

The Arlo Q is more costly than the Amazon Cloud Cam, however it has its favorable circumstances. With 1080p HD and 8x computerized zoom simply like the Cloud Cam, the Arlo Q beats Amazon Cloud just barely with a field of view is 130 degrees, 10 more than the Amazon Cloud. It likewise offers 7 days worth of free distributed storage for up to five cameras, an irregularity with regards to home surveillance cameras. For more stockpiling, you can pay for Arlo Smart Home, which I'll talk about in more detail underneath.

Another classification where the Arlo Q has the Amazon Cloud Cam beat is brilliant home combination. While the Amazon Cloud Cam just matches with the Amazon biological system, the Arlo Q sets with Alexa, Google Assistant and other IFTTT stages.

Tragically for the Arlo Q, it doesn't coordinate to the Cloud Cam with regards to night vision. Arlo claims that the night vision works from up to 25 feet away, yet I would say it was just a couple of feet. Thus to the Cloud Cam, the Arlo Q doesn't have any man-made brainpower included. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you buy Arlo Smart Home, you can include individual identification alongside action zones. Beginning at just $2.99 per camera, this is a little cost to pay for better warnings.

I would prescribe the Arlo Q over the Cloud Cam to the individuals who need access to the Google biological system, IFTTT and Stringify, however it's not the best decision for somebody who esteems night vision. On the off chance that neither sounds incredible to you, read our survey of the best home surveillance cameras.

The Customer Experience

As much as I prefer not to concede this, my feeling isn't the one in particular that issues. An item is just in the same class as its tributes, and, similar to any item, the Cloud Cam has blended surveys. Here are the things that individuals enjoyed about the Amazon Cloud Cam:

Clear video and great sound

Basic arrangement most clients state it took them 10 to 15 minutes to get everything on the web

Simple availability on versatile and work area

Here's the reason a few people gave it disapproval:

No ceaseless day in and day out recording

No constant day in and day out recording

Green light is a giveaway-individuals griped about the green light that turns on when the camera begins recording, making the camera obvious

No Google combination

In general, there were much more positive surveys than negative ones, which I believe is an incredible sign.

Amazon's Track Record in Home Security

In all honesty, the Amazon Cloud Cam is Amazon's first home surveillance camera, discharged in 2017. Amazon needs to venture into shrewd home gadgets also. In February, the organization reported that it procured the Ring Video Doorbell, which assembles video film from your doorstep. Beside the camera and the doorbell, Amazon has a variety of gadgets that associate with Alexa, just as establishment administrations and home security bundles. Given the organization's gigantic impact on almost every classification of customer merchandise, I believe any reasonable person would agree that Amazon could turn into a significant player in home security.


Actually, I love the Amazon Cloud Cam. It coordinated so well with the remainder of my Amazon biological system, making the arrangement a breeze. Anyway another hard truth here-not every person imparts my insights. Your purchasing choice will most likely descend to your own inclinations. How about we recap.

The Amazon Cloud Cam may be beneficial for you if need:

Amazon coordination

Extraordinary video quality, sound quality, and night vision

The capacity to stream film on versatile or work area

The Cloud Cam may not be for you on the off chance that you need:

Neighborhood stockpiling

Man-made reasoning included

Coordination with something besides Amazon.

When all is said in done, the Amazon Cloud Cam hits the essentials quite well. I'm anticipating kicking back on the lounge chair, turning on my Fire TV, and giving my Cloud Cam a chance to guard me. On the off chance that there's anything needs my consideration, I realize Alexa has my back.


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