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Two Weeks Spent in Colombia Itinerary

Colombia is a best in class goal in South America that has something to offer everyone. With a various scope of scenes, from dazzling sea shores to the snow-topped Andes, you will be unable to discover elsewhere on the planet like Colombia. That is the reason a far reaching Colombia agenda is no simple accomplishment—particularly in the event that you just have 2 weeks in Colombia.
Guatape, Colombia

Without a doubt, the nation has negative criticism from the times of Colombian medication rulers, however those seasons of expecting to ask yourself "is Colombia safe?" are for the most part behind this nation. It's rapidly modernizing and opening its arms to the world.

In this way, in the event that you are searching for a socially rich goal with a scope of stunning view and rambling urban areas, at that point look no more distant than Colombia. Here's the means by which to go through about fourteen days in Colombia the correct way.

Step by step instructions to Get Around Colombia

Colombia is an entirely huge nation, which implies that getting around it can require some investment. This is particularly evident on the grounds that there are such huge numbers of spots to visit that are spread separated from each other.

So, there are two simple methods for getting between significant goals in Colombia: transport and plane. What's more, fortunately plane costs are very modest. During our voyage around Colombia, we saw Avianca as the most solid and sensibly evaluated aircraft, which took us wherever we needed to go.

In any case, in the event that you have additional time, the transports are considerably less expensive. You can utilize locales like Busbud to discover transports to take you from Point A to Point B. Or on the other hand you can go to any of the close by transport stations and request to see the calendars and costs — this is typically the most dependable way.

2 Weeks in Colombia Itinerary

Colombia is really an immense and different nation, and there is definitely no chance you can see everything here in only 2 weeks. The accompanying agenda is intended to take in probably the best that the nation brings to the table and to demonstrate to you the features.

In spite of the fact that you can unquestionably pack more into a 2-week trip, I would not prescribe it. It is far superior to invest some quality energy becoming acquainted with a goal than simply ticking off "must-sees" and never genuinely encountering the nation.

Having said all that, we should begin in the hot Caribbean city of Cartagena to commence your 2 weeks in Colombia!

Day 1-3: Cartagena

The brilliant lanes of Cartagena, Colombia

Cartagena is the ideal spot to land in Colombia since it's anything but difficult to get around and has a great deal of close by attractions. You can join lay and unwinding on a sea shore with a little nightlife and investigating nearby. It's the ideal prologue to Colombian culture.

Investigate Downtown Cartagena

Probably the most ideal approaches to get an outline of the city is to go to Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, which is deliberately situated on a slope outside of town. Obviously, the Spanish constructed it here for that very reason, as it has an ordering perspective on all ways to deal with the city.

Next on the plan is a mobile voyage through the notable Cartagena. You can generally do this without anyone else's help, ticking off the things as you go, however I like to take the free strolling visits in Colombia. They are not really "free" as you should give a tip toward the end.

Nonetheless, they are controlled by local people, and it gives them a vocation. In addition, you get genuine, neighborhood insider data into the city, and they'll cover the majority of the features of the city and a few spots you would not ordinarily get the opportunity to see.

Head to Playa Blanca

The absolute best sea shores in the nation are situated up north, so Cartagena is very much situated to get you a little sea shore time. One of the most beautiful and furthermore helpful sea shores is Playa Blanca, only outside of Cartagena.

You can arrive at it either by pontoon or street. I incline toward the water, as there's nothing more needed than a short ways from the port. Else, you can take nearby ship, yet it can take in any event two hours.

Gathering With the Locals

In the event that there is one spot to party while you are in Colombia, it's in Cartagena. It's eminent with both local people and hikers, and there are two or three incredible choices to have a great time here.

The first is the Chiva Bus, which is a significant nearby thing. It incorporates a visit around the various barrios of the city, alongside an on-board bar and artists playing neighborhood Vallenato music.

In the event that that doesn't seem like your sort of thing, the other well known alternative is the Media Luna Hostel party, which happens each Wednesday night.

Where to Stay in Cartagena

Lavish Hotels: Estelar Cartagena de Indias Hotel y Centro de Convenciones , Bastión Luxury Hotel , Hotel Casa San Agusti , Charleston Santa Teresa

Boutique Hotels: Bourbon St Hostal Boutique , Hotel Casa Tere , Casa Pizarro Hotel Boutique , Hotel Boutique Casona del Colegio , Casa Cochera del Gobernador

Mid-Range Hotels: Nico Apartasuites , Hotel Casa Mara By Akel Hotels , Hotel La Gran Via , Hotel Casa la Tablada By GB Collection

Inns: República Hostel Cartagena , Life is Good Cartagena Hostel , Zion Beach House , Casa Del Pozo Boutique Hostel

Step by step instructions to Get From Cartagena to Tayrona

The best way to get to Tayrona from Cartagena is by street. You should jump on several transports and advance gradually there through Santa Marta.

Santa Clause Marta is around four hours by transport from Cartagena, and it's a further hour to Tayrona. In the event that you pick, you can go through a night in Santa Marta. It isn't the most shocking city to visit, however it's an advantageous spot to stop for the evening, and it's additionally a starting point for Minca and the acclaimed Lost City Trek.

Day 3-5: Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park

Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Tayrona National Park is maybe the most mainstream park in Colombia, and all things considered. It consolidates staggering sea shores, with immaculate magnificence—and all only a day from Cartagena.

Tayrona is shocking and there is parcels to see there, however don't expect activity pressed gatherings. It's a National Park, all things considered.

Climb to the Various Beaches

Tayrona is probably the best spot to come in the event that you need to do some climbing in Colombia. What's more, regardless of whether you are not ordinarily into climbing, this is an extraordinary spot to simply take a walk.

Set aside some effort to climb to the different sea shores, beginning with the most well known, Cabo San Juan. Yet additionally make certain to invest some energy at the less-visited ones, as well. Some are similarly as beautiful, yet they are frequently left, as well.

Visit El Pueblito

This Kogi settlement is an extraordinary method to get a desire for the way of life and individuals whose land this really is. Obviously, you will likewise run over a portion of the individuals when you are advancing around the recreation center, yet this is somewhat more extraordinary for your Colombia schedule.

Loosen up a Little

Perhaps the best activity while in Tayrona is to simply spend a little vacation on the sea shores or in your settlement. There are not many interruptions in the recreation center in light of the fact that there is no WiFi, no clamor and it may at times appear nothing to do. In this way, appreciate it, and catch yourself a little R&R.

Where to Stay in Tayrona

Lavish Hotels: Kantawa Hotel and Spa – Calabazo , Playa Pikua Ecolodge Guachaca , Villa Mariea Tayrona, a Kali Hotels – Los Naranjos , Senda Casa Tayrona Los Naranjos

Boutique Hotels: Tayrona Tented Lodge – Guachaca , Blue Mango Beach Hotel – Guachaca , Hostal Monte Verde – El Zaino , Quetzal Dorado Eco-Lodge – El Zaino

Mid-Range Hotels: Posada Ecoturistica Wiwa – Los Naranjos , Hostal Agroturístico Ecológico Brisas del Campo – Guachaca , The Journey Hostel – Los Naranjos, Eco Hostal Yuluka – El Zaino

Inns: República Hostel Cartagena , Life is Good Cartagena Hostel , Zion Beach House , Casa Del Pozo Boutique Hostel

Step by step instructions to Get From Tayrona to Medellin

There are heaps of flights every outing of Santa Marta air terminal, and given the separation to Medellin, it's the best choice. Obviously, getting to the air terminal should likewise be possible an assortment of ways. A few lodgings and inns offer transports, however the least expensive alternative is a colectivo transport to Santa Marta, at that point a taxi from downtown.

On the off chance that you totally need to torment yourself and pass by transport, it will take the best piece of a day (15 to 20 hours) and probably won't set aside you any cash.

Day 6-9: Medellin and Guatapé

Guatape, Colombia

View over Guatapé, Colombia

Completing to Medellin can be effectively by inner departure from Santa Marta, and all that's needed is over 60 minutes. As you land, you will see the rambling city that appears to fill each cleft and slope in this valley.

Medellin has proceeded onward from the times of Pablo Escobar, and the individuals here are really not an enormous aficionado of his, so don't go around getting some information about him. There is almost no in the method for threat here, as long as you avoid potential risk of avoiding touchy territories around evening time and not displaying your resources.

Take a Free Walking Tour

There are a couple of things you ought to completely do here to capitalize on your time in Medellin and, eventually, to benefit as much as possible from your Colombia schedule. The main, as in Cartagena, is to take a Free Walking Tour and become acquainted with the city in general, alongside its corrupt history.

This won't just give you an incredible review of the midtown zone, yet it will likewise offer you some insider tips and learning, as well. You additionally get the chance to see a portion of the features like Botero Plaza, where you can see the fun "fat" work of art of Botero, who hails from here.

Ride the Metro Cable to Arvi Park

Another fun half-day (or even entire day) visit is to take off to the Metrocable that climbs gradually up and over the slopes to Arvi Park. This gives you an intriguing viewpoint into the less-wealthy populace of the city, just as a fantastic perspective on the territory.

What's more, the last stretch is through the center of a very wild park, where you can spend the entire day climbing in the event that you wish. Or on the other hand you can essentially come back to Medellin once more.

Look at Comuna 13

On the opposite side of Medellin is Comuna 13. This was at one time a spot you could never head as a traveler. Presently, it is loaded with them.

You can take a visit with a neighborhood and become familiar with about their lives here, or basically ride the elevators to the highest point of this slope network and investigate the spray painting decorated streets. You may even luck out and see some super-capable break artists at the top.

Go to Guatapé

Guatapé is a well known side outing from Medellin which is as it should be. The town is situated in a water-filled, beautiful locale of the nation and has some extraordinary exercises to keep you occupied for a day. It's an absolute necessity see on your Colombia schedule.

It takes around two hours to reach there from Medellin, so leave early and return late if conceivable. You can likewise go through a night, however it's redundant.

The two primary things you will need to see while you are here are the monster stone monument, El Peñol (otherwise called the Guatape Rock), just as the wonderful pioneer town itself. The climb to the highest point of the Guatape Rock is a move up 740 stages. It should just take around 15 to 20 minutes, and you'll have tremendous perspectives from that point.

Where to Stay in Medellin

Lavish Hotels: Hotel Dann Carlton Medellín , Hotel Estelar Milla De Oro , The Charlee Hotel , NH Collection Medellin Royal

Boutique Hotels: Patio del Mundo , Celestino Boutique Hotel , Las Rosas Boutique Hotel , Hotel Du Parc Royal

Mid-Range Hotels: Inntu Hotel , Hotel Estelar Square , Hotel Portón Medellín , Hotel Asturias Medellin , Nutibara Hotel

Inns: The Garden of Blues Hostel , Black Sheep Medellin , La Playa Hostel and Rooftop , Los Patios Hostal Boutique

Step by step instructions to Get From Medellin to Salento

Salento is a reasonable good ways from Medellin, so on the off chance that you are in a rush, I prescribe flying, which just takes 50 minutes. In any case, you don't arrive in Salento itself, yet rather the nearest huge city, Pereira. From here you need to either take a taxi straightforwardly or head only midtown to the bus stop, and afterward take a transport to Salento. Direct with a taxi is around 60 minutes; with the transport combo, it may take both of you or more, contingent upon associations.

On the off chance that you take a transport to Salento straightforwardly from Medellin, simply know that it is in any event six hours over long, winding streets, which, albeit beautiful, are super tedious. On the off chance that you would prefer not to gobble that time up from your Colombia agenda, we don't suggest the transport venture. So, it may spare you a couple of dollars.

Day 9-12: Salento Coffee Region

Valle de Cocora, Salento, Colombia

In case you're an espresso darling, Salento is the spot to be!

Salento is one of the chief espresso districts in Colombia, so on the off chance that you are an espresso sweetheart, you will never need to leave. It is a rich, uneven territory secured with espresso estates, just as well-kept frontier towns like Salento and numerous others.

Take a Coffee Plantation Tour

Probably the best thing you can do in Salento is a profound plunge into the universe of espresso. There are an assortment of spots you can do visits in the slopes around town. I prescribe taking as top to bottom a visit as you can, as this is really the spot to perceive how espresso goes to your cup and investigate the preferences.

Go on a Valle de Cocora Hike

The following most mainstream activity in the Salento area is to climb through the Valle de Cocora, which is peppered with the world's tallest palm trees. There are various alternatives relying upon your wellness level—this Colombia agenda is for everybody!

There is a full circle down the valley, along the waterway and afterward back by means of the wax palms, which is really what individuals come to see. This takes around four hours. Or then again, you can make a beeline for the wax palms, which is around one and a half hours return. There are even pony rides, for those so slanted.

Investigate the Town

Albeit in reality entirely little, it merits putting in a couple of hours strolling around Salento and seeing it from all sides. There's something for everybody, from the yummy crisp juice sold at the town square to the perspective (Mirador de Salento) to the little nightlife and neighborhood night showcases on the ends of the week.

Where to Stay in Salento

Lavish Hotels: Ecoresort Gran Azul , Montana Guesthouse , Casa de las Dos Palmas , Hotel Terasu Salento

Boutique Hotels: Hotel El Mirador del Cocora , Hotel Boutique Palmas de Salento , Coffee Tree Boutique Hostel , Hotel Salento Real Eje Cafetero , Finca Cardonales

Mid-Range Hotels: Ecohotel Piedemonte , Balcones del Ayer , El Rancho De Salento Alojamientos , Hostal La Divisa

Lodgings: IntiLuna Hostel , Hostal Casa de Los Taitas , Hostal Vista Hermosa Salento , Hostal Rio Arabia – Valle De Cocora , Posada Casa Salento

The most effective method to Get From Salento to Bogota

Once more, it is far simpler to arrive via plane, which is just a short ways from Periera. Remember that you should get to the air terminal once more. This can include in any event a couple of hours.

There is a day-long transport choice, also, on the off chance that you need to set aside a little cash. The adventure is part in two sections. The first is a 45-minute ride to Armenia, where you at that point get the Bogota transport. This can take somewhere in the range of seven to nine hours, such huge numbers of individuals lean toward the medium-term choice.

Day 12-14: Bogota

a couple sit on a seat sitting above the city of Bogota

Last stop: Bogota!

The keep going stop on your 2-week voyage through Colombia is the capital, Bogota. The city itself isn't the gem of the Carribean like Cartagena, yet there are as yet a couple of things you should see while you are here. All things considered, some portion of becoming more acquainted with any nation is to visit its capital city!

Take a Bicycle Tour of Bogota

In contrast to most different urban communities in Colombia, the most ideal approach to see Bogota is by bicycle. The visits come up short on La Candelaria are the best, and they likewise allow you to investigate this barrio, too. The visits run two times every day, and they don't require booking. They take you to all the most significant milestones, just as the nearby natural product advertise and a couple of other neighborhood features.

Climb Montserrat

To get the best perspectives on Bogota, you completely need to make a beeline for Montserrat during your Colombia schedule. You can take the easy far up through link vehicle or you can climb. Simply know that there have been a few reports of security issues when climbing early or late in the day. Local people caution of thefts and assaults, yet gossipy tidbits flourish of course. So do your due perseverance before heading up there and decide in favor of alert.

Visit the Museo Del Oro

Before the Spaniards came to South America and sort of "acquired" all the gold, the mainland was flush with the stuff. Furthermore, fortunate for us, they have gathered a great deal of what was left in the astounding Museo del Oro. It's privilege in the core of Bogota. On the off chance that you have some extra time, this spot is certainly worth a visit. In the event that just to put some future adornments on your list of things to get.

Where to Stay in Bogota

Lavish Hotels: The Orchids , Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina Bogota , Casa Legado , W Bogota

Boutique Hotels: Hotel bh La Quinta , BOG Hotel an individual from Design Hotels , Hotel 84 DC , Casa Gaitan Cortes Boutique Hotel

Mid-Range Hotels: Clarion Bogota Plaza , NH Bogota Pavillon Royal , GHL Hotel Capital , Hotel Santa Barbara Real

Inns: Hostal Casa Cubil , Bababuy Hostel, Hostal R10 , Casa Platypus

The amount Will 2 Weeks in Colombia Cost?

Colombia is in reality entirely modest, so this Colombia schedule may even cost much under about fourteen days at home for a few of us. Coming up next are some harsh expenses for various sorts of explorers:

Spending Traveler:

Dormitory beds go from $10-15 every night

Nourishment costs: $10-15 every day

Solace Traveler:

Twofold rooms extend from $25-50 every night

Nourishment costs: $20-40 every day

Travel Costs

Your Colombia schedule expenses will change dependent on how you travel.

Transports regularly cost around $30 to $40 for excursions among Bogota and Salento, Salento and Medellin, Cartagena and Santa Marta.

Flights ordinarily cost somewhere in the range of $50 and $100 relying upon the aircraft, how a long ways ahead you book, and so forth. Simply know that the least expensive aircrafts like VivaAir frequently don't have gear included. In this way, despite the fact that they look modest, they accompany a larger number of expenses and regularly a larger number of postponements than Avianca.

What to Pack for 2 Weeks in Colombia

Colombia is entirely a various nation as far as climate. You should pack for both extremely warm and radiant climate, just as cooler and possibly stormy climate.

It is likewise a nation that has a couple of mosquitoes, and some of them can convey infection. So you need to be set up for that, too, before transportation out on your Colombia agenda. This is what we suggest you pack:

Swimming apparatus — In Tayrona and Cartagena you will discover probably the most marvelous sea shores. So make certain to bring your swimming apparatus, regardless of whether it's just for a speedy plunge.

Microfiber towel — Whether it's to get dry after a speedy plunge or in light of the fact that you don't care for the vibe of that inn towel, a microfiber towel will prove to be useful.

A daypack — You will be out on the town consistently, regardless of whether it's in a city or climbing. So an agreeable travel daypack is a flat out must.

A top or cap — The sun is in every case high overhead. So keep yourself secured consistently, particularly when on the sea shore or climbing.

Sunscreen — The Colombian sun can broil an egg at early afternoon. So take a ton of sun assurance with you and apply it generously, particularly in the center of the day.

Light, Packable Rain Jacket — Something that will prove to be useful in Bogota and Salento is a downpour coat. Keep this at the base of your pack.

Climbing Sandals — Many of the spots you will walk are hot. Along these lines, by and large, climbing boots are terrible to wear. Snatch some climbing shoes.

DEET Mosquito Repellent — DEET is probably the most ideal approaches to prevent mosquitoes. Furthermore, given the potential risk in zones in the north, it merits taking a container or two.

Natural Mosquito Repellent — If you are not a devotee of synthetic substances, this mozzie repellent will keep those critters under control.

Mosquito Net — Many of the better quality spots will have mosquito nets. Be that as it may, you can never be 100% certain, and now and again they have gaps. So continually bring your own .

Travel Insurance in Colombia

I never go anyplace on the planet without movement protection, and Colombia is unquestionably some place you will need it. Regardless of whether it's simply to cover regular virus prescription or to supplant any taken things, you can never be excessively protected. This shouldn't imply that you will have these things transpire. In any case, terrible things can transpire anyplace — even the most arranged individual.

Probably the best alternative for movement protection in Colombia is World Nomads since they have some expertise in movement protection and know about the numerous and shifted issues we have when voyaging abroad. Make certain to look at them in our full World Nomads travel protection survey or round out the structure underneath for a statement.


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