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The Men Trail Shoes for Running

In the market for another pair of trail running shoes? This year, we spent incalculable hours looking into several changed brands and models of shoes to choose the absolute best for consideration in this similar audit. This survey speaks to 17 sets of the most well known works of art as they are consistently refreshed, and furthermore share our goes up against the freshest new advancements and trailblazers in the trail running shoe world today. Expecting to be the best source on the web for beta on the freshest and best trail running shoes, we always refresh this audit ceaselessly to make sure no new shoe becomes lost despite a general sense of vigilance. Regardless of whether you need a light shoe for running your best time, a maximally padded coach to assuage your next ultra, or the most current zero-drop alternative to consummate your running structure, we have you secured. We've additionally audited a vast choice of standard ordinary trail running workhorses that will present to you the most miles for your dollar. Our master analyzers go through all year navigating North America, and the tough trails that cross its mountains, testing these shoes, with the goal that they can give you the absolute best counsel. Peruse on to discover which shoes they prescribe.

Pros Great security for the foot, cozy fit makes for truly steady and responsive ride, sturdy, channels water incredibly well Light, low profile, extraordinary footing, agreeable fit, extraordinary equalization of affectability and underneath protection The best footing, steady and delicate, extraordinary fit for the normal width foot The most strong outsole, zero drop, stunning harmony between foot insurance and affectability, high volume fit Comfortable, light weight, performs well in wet conditions, moderately reasonable

Cons High value, restricted fit, somewhat heavy No shake plate, negligible upper foot security, hard outsole elastic isn't excessively sticky on rocks Not much underneath assurance regardless of shake plate, somewhat overwhelming for such a moderate shoe Very minimal inside cushioning, could be progressively agreeable, pricey Not much underneath insurance, a bit limited

Base Line An fantastically calibrated shoe that accompanies a correspondingly high value tag. This smooth, especially agreeable shoe was our most loved trail sprinter and an easy decision determination as our Editors' Choice Award winner. The most astounding evaluated shoe in our survey because of its fabulous footing and an extraordinary decision for off trail adventures. The most remarkable and creative trail running shoe we have seen hit the market in numerous years. A incredible all around running shoe for pinnacle packing and trail running.

The 2018 variant of the Nike Terra Kiger 4 remains to a great extent unaltered, aside from shading plans, after the extremely fruitful refresh a year ago. Since it is a standout amongst the most agreeable shoes we have ever kept running in, we are cheerful that Nike decided to simply abandon it precisely as it stands. It rides much lower to the ground than your normal regular coach, however that doesn't prevent it from offering incredible underneath security, grippy and solid footing, and an excessively agreeable fit. This shoe has a foot-supporting flexible sleeve inside that effectively secures the foot while additionally keeping the tongue situated accurately to keep out flotsam and jetsam. It additionally includes a Phylon padded sole joined with Nike Air padding takes that give it superior to average foot insurance, regardless of its moderate feel. There is no uncertainty this shoe can enable you to run quicker and is prepared to confront the maltreatment of attempting to do as such.

While we adore almost everything about this shoe, there is still space for minor enhancements. Specifically, the upper does little to shield the foot from trail impediments like rugged shakes, and is itself somewhat delicate, being made of truth be told, exceptionally dainty work texture. In the meantime, we were astounded this shoe didn't weigh even less, thinking of it as was one of the most minimal profile plans we have experienced in the trail running world. Neither of these minor grumblings brings down the experience of gentility while out running, and we feel this shoe conveys as an ideal decision for an on or off trail running. We utilized it on experiences that extended from pinnacle scrambles to bone slants to delicate snow capped tundra and smooth single track and adored it for every one of these kinds of territory. On the off chance that you need the best trail running kick accessible today, we prescribe making the Terra Kiger 4 your first decision.

After another period of serious shoe testing, we have another best scorer! If not for the restricted fit in the forefoot and curve territories, an attribute extremely basic in Salomon shoes, we would joyfully bless the Salomon S/Lab Ultra as the best by and large trail running shoe. For what it's worth, despite everything we think it is the best as long as you have the normal to smaller than normal foot shape that will take into consideration an ideal fit. We cherish this shoe since its blend of double thickness EVA froth underneath is steady while likewise giving a generally firm and responsive ride, as opposed to the fun froths found in some contending shoes that pack out very rapidly. Joined with the work upper that is totally canvassed in rubber treated welded overlays, this shoe is by a wide margin the most defensive one you can purchase, a fundamentally critical segment for running intense trails, particularly long ones. This shoe additionally works to perfection of supporting your foot "like a glove," taking out any development or slop of the foot while running.

Regardless of mind blowing foot insurance, solidness, and steadiness while running, we found a couple of grievances to indicate out perceiving perusers. At 23.5 ounces for a couple of men's size 11, these weren't actually too light shoes (despite the fact that they are a long ways from a portion of the clunkers or stompers we have tried throughout the years). They are additionally indistinguishable cost from two sets of New Balance Fresh Foam Gobi v3, the most affordable shoes in this audit. In any case, these shoes offer the tweaked execution and fit to compensate at the cost tag and are a fabulous shoe for ultra separation races and runs, just as for ordinary preparing. In the event that they serenely fit your (tight) feet, we think they are the best trail running shoes you can purchase!

Not as steady or as delicate as the Nike Terra Kiger 4

While surveying an item's esteem, numerous individuals neglect to look past the sticker price. In any case, when passing judgment on the estimation of a trail running shoe, estimating the quantity of miles keep running before the shoe totally crumbles is by all accounts the standard. From our testing, there is no shoe in this survey more solid than the Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 4 (in spite of the fact that the Salomon S/Lab Ultra is close), settling on it our decision for the Best Bang for your Buck grant. Regardless of over a time of testing and misuse, our pair is as yet running solid with no harm that would make us considerably think about resigning them. Stories possess large amounts of online client audits of sprinters who have put these shoes through the preliminaries of 500 or even 1000 miles previously consigning them to the garbage container, proposing that the workmanship is first class. Contrasted with a large portion of the shoes in this audit, whose torn tracks, tore uppers, and effectively compacted froth padding begin to uncover themselves after maybe under 100 miles, the Wildhorse 4 is a genuine workhorse.

There is little to whine about the execution of the Wildhorse 4, which intently mirrors that of the Terra Kiger 4, aside from with a reasonable piece of additional underneath assurance. While these shoes can hammer out the miles, they are additionally really substantial contrasted with their opposition, tipping the scales at a little more than 12 ounces for each size 11 shoe. Thus, they are best utilized by sprinters who acknowledge foot security over best speed. They are ideal for use as regular trail sprinters, or as ultra separation race shoes. At $110 retail, these shoes are somewhat less expensive than normal, yet the genuine esteem originates from their life span.

The publicity about Inov-8's new G arrangement is genuine, to such an extent that we granted the hard surfaces explicit trail sprinter TerraUltra G260 our Top Pick for Best Traction. With this shoe, Inov-8 has improved the outsole elastic with Graphene, a solitary molecule thick layer of Graphite which isn't just the single most grounded material at any point tried in a lab, however is so new and progressive that its disclosure won a Nobel Prize in Physics as of late as 2010. How this material, turned out to be multiple times more grounded than steel, consolidates with elastic to make up the carried outsole of this shoe is a mystery that Inov-8 won't before long be revealing, however which gives strength far more noteworthy than any outsole we have tried in years. We took it on various keeps running over sharp pumice magma handle that went on for miles on the PCT in Oregon, and keeping in mind that we normally observed minimal hued bits of removed shoe elastic littering the trail as we kept running by, these shoes look basically unscarred by the experience. For their unparalleled toughness and as a colossal high-five for an absolutely one of a kind development in the realm of trail running shoes, we granted them our Top Pick.

In spite of the awards we are piling on these shoes, we should bring up that they are not indisputably the stickiest you can purchase. These shoes have a generally smooth 4mm profound drag design that is grippy on firm trails and hard shakes, yet which isn't also fit to fell running or grievous mud as the Inov-8 Roclite 290, a shoe that highlights a lot bigger, more profound, and progressively forceful hauls that hold delicate and dangerous territory better. Be that as it may, we additionally cherished the TerraUltra G260 for their zero drop stage, giving an exceptionally husky elective that outflanks the vigorously padded and well known Altra Lone Peak 4 in almost every way. In the event that you need a shoe that will last any longer than you have turned out to be as of late used to, while as yet giving stunning dependability, foot insurance, and even some strong trail feel, at that point we very prescribe looking at the imaginative TerraUltra G260.
Put on some weight contrasted with past variants

Maximally padded shoes have an excessive measure of froth cushioning underneath the foot which hoses the impacts of the dull effects of running, particularly over long separations, while likewise shielding the bottom of the foot from items that might be experienced en route. No longer a particular oddity, essentially every sprinter now has found out about Hokas, gave them a shot, and shaped a feeling on whether they help one remain sound on the trail or are probably going to be the reason for the following damage. This year, Hoka refreshed their prevalent Challenger ATR 5, keeping the basic, water shedding upper and the hosed, stiffer EVA froth underneath, while at long last including a sticky elastic outsole with hauls that grasp both shake and earth, and won't detach instantly. They likewise extended the measuring contributions to incorporate EE wide, which is a marvelous settlement considering these shoes will in general fit limited in the forefoot in the first place. These increases instigated us to remember them as our Top Pick for Maximum Cushioning.

Obviously, Hokas have dependably had a couple of disadvantages that frighten individuals off (other than simply their looks) — most quite their absence of soundness on uneven landscape. These shoes display that obstacle not exactly any others we have tried, for the most part due to utilizing a firmer, denser inclination froth that doesn't shake as much from side to side or ricochet back with a springy activity while you run. While this changes the trail feel a bit contrasted with more seasoned Hokas, we think it enhances soundness and by and large execution. For our head analyzer, the fit still remains somewhat wide in the impact point and tight in the forefoot, yet everybody has diverse formed feet and this shouldn't prevent you from giving them a shot. These shoes are light, moderately reasonable contrasted with different Hokas, and have turned out to be exceedingly refined, settling on them the perfect decision for Hoka sweethearts and the individuals who are interested to test the advantages for themselves.

While agreeable, fit is likewise somewhat messy

The Altra Lone Peak 4 is a standout amongst the most famous trail running shoes in North America, in extensive part in light of its zero drop stage joined with enough underneath assurance to empower long-remove experiences without destroying one's feet. Yet, sprinters are not by any means the only ones who love this shoe — explorers, and especially through climbers — have likewise received it as an unquestionable requirement have bit of apparatus for whole deal undertakings. While climbing boots and notwithstanding climbing shoes have for quite some time been the most generally suggested footwear for most trail clients, a large number of us have understood that trail running shoes are likewise a perfect decision for basic climbing and notwithstanding exploring. Because you expect to go through the day strolling as opposed to running doesn't imply that you don't need the lightest, nimblest, and most noteworthy performing footwear, which without uncertainty are trail running shoes. The Lone Peak 4s are especially useful for climbing as a result of their zero drop stage, which means your heel is indistinguishable tallness over the ground from your toes. This is the manner in which human bodies were intended to walk, and is a critical basic thought, particularly on the off chance that you plan to walk, say, the whole Appalachian Trail in one go. They likewise fit genuinely free yet remain responsive, are very agreeable, and channel water well.

On the drawback, trail running shoes won't keep going up to a couple of climbing boots before waiting be supplanted, so long separation explorers may need to spending plan for a couple of sets on one experience. Altras, specifically, are not known for their commendable toughness, despite the fact that our test pair withstood all we put them through fine and dandy. Explorers and through climbers with very much adjusted musculature and light packs will incredibly value the expanded productivity of strolling in light, responsive footwear rather than stepping out long miles in clunkier boots or heavier shoes. With regards to picking the best trail sprinter for climbing and exploring, we concur with the through climbers, and have in this way granted the Lone Peak 4 as our Top Pick for Hiking.

Examination and Test Results

The most essential bit of gear for running rough terrain is a strong pair of trail running shoes. They figure out how to handle the particular requests of the rough terrain condition, regardless of whether that implies rocks, roots, mud, free earth and rock, grass, or even soak scrambling, much better than your normal street running or athletic shoe. Trail running shoes have unquestionably more forceful outsoles than street running shoes, highlighting expansive, sticky elastic hauls that give the grasp you need. They likewise frequently have additional froth padding to shield the base of your feet from hindrances not found out and about, and in some cases even a rockplate to retain a portion of the effect from sharp shakes. In the event that you are thinking about whether you need a particular trail running shoe or will be fine just running in a similar old sneaks that you hit the asphalt in, we unequivocally prescribe moving up to a committed trail sprinter. In addition to the fact that they perform better on rough terrain landscape, yet they likewise increment your certainty with the goal that running on trails is increasingly fun, and not an activity in doing whatever it takes not to fall.

The trails at Smith Rock State Park in focal Oregon are a phenomenal winter preparing ground since they are quite often dry while the encompassing mountains are covered in snow. Here cruising a ridgeline trail in the Challenger ATR 5 in January.

The trails at Smith Rock State Park in focal Oregon are a phenomenal winter preparing ground since they are quite often dry while the encompassing mountains are covered in snow. Here cruising a ridgeline trail in the Challenger ATR 5 in January.

This winter we tried two or three updates to shoes that have utilized for quite a long time — the Hoka Challenger ATR 5 and the New Balance Fresh Foam Gobi v3. These shoes are substantial on the underneath padding without the solidness of a padded sole rockplate. The Challenger ATR 5, specifically, is a genuine overhaul, enough with the goal that we suggest it as our Top Pick for Maximum Cushioning. We value its immovability underneath, and love that it at last arrives in a size EE wide for those sprinters who can't discover comfort in a limited shoe. Likewise make sure to look at the Inov-8 TerraUltra G260, the world's first trail running shoe to improve its outsole elastic with Graphene, the most grounded material at any point found by man, which we checked on late the previous fall. We thought it more than satisfied the publicity and granted a Top Pick for Traction. New trail running shoe discharges are going on prior and prior consistently, and we have an expansive determination to test when the trails start to defrost, including more Hokas, much more Graphene soles, refreshed Nikes and Salomons, and significantly more.

To assemble the outcomes and data contained inside this trail running shoe survey, we widely tried every one of the 17 models of shoes depicted here amid incalculable long periods of trail running experiences and preparing. Despite the fact that five of the models found in this survey are leftovers from a year ago, we again tried them next to each other against the twelve new combines of shoes discharged for the current year, to make certain that the majority of the outcomes and proclamations we make are compatible with what is accessible for buy today. Testing includes significantly more than basically going out for runs while wearing distinctive sets of shoes (in spite of the fact that there is a ton of that). We pride ourselves on influencing the best examinations among the different items to separate which shoes are really the best. To support us, and you the peruser, we have cautiously appraised each shoe dependent on six distinct measurements, giving an evaluation of 1 to 10 for how well each shoe performed. Besides, we weighted every one of the measurements dependent on how vital we feel it is to a shoe's general execution. The table above shows where each shoe positions in generally speaking execution score.

Scores were granted in contrast with every one of alternate shoes. Beneath we portray each appraising measurement in detail, including what are the most imperative parts of that measurement, how we tried it, the amount it is weighted toward the last score, and what are the best shoes for that specific reason. We need to call attention to that we chose what we thought were the 16 best and most delegate trail pursuing shoes surveying the whole market, so regardless of whether a shoe gets a low generally speaking score here, despite everything we feel that it is a tip top item.

The Ultra Vertical before the Devil's Cauldron on the northern Oregon Coast. We cherished the manner in which these shoes balance foot security and affectability and imagine that sprinters with wide feet particularly should look at them.

The Ultra Vertical before the Devil's Cauldron on the northern Oregon Coast. We adored the manner in which these shoes balance foot insurance and affectability, and feel that sprinters with wide feet particularly should look at them.

Giving careful consideration to Individual Metrics

While the majority of the measurements consolidate to shape the shoe's general score, it is vital to dig into the individual measurements to discover the shoe that best meets your requirements. For example, you may not be keen on our top of the line shoe on the off chance that it scores exceptionally in a metric that isn't imperative to you. Perhaps the model got that rating because of its commendable foot assurance when you may characterize affectability as your essential criteria. Don't really discount a shoe just on the grounds that it isn't the most elevated scoring shoe in the audit. Dive further into the numbers that we have given and cautiously perused the individual audits!


A noteworthy basic thought while choosing a couple of trail running shoes is the estimation of the buy. While one could just accept that you get what you pay for, and accordingly increasingly costly items are likewise the most astounding performing, long periods of testing has demonstrated to us this isn't generally the situation. We don't review every item explicitly for esteem, yet we do discuss the incentive in every individual audit, so look there on the off chance that you are interested about our musings.

The Terraultra G 260 is a progressive shoe implied for long separation trail running. They are profoundly solid have extraordinary footing and are likewise zero drop a blend that many trail sprinters should love. Testing them here on the trails of the Sisters Wilderness in Oregon.

The Terraultra G 260 is a progressive shoe implied for long separation trail running. They are very sturdy, have incredible footing, and are likewise zero drop, a mix that many trail sprinters should love. Testing them here on the trails of the Sisters Wilderness in Oregon.

While considering the estimation of a trail running shoe, three perspectives are basic to consider: value, execution, and life span. Two of these, cost and execution, are effectively quantifiable and can be analyzed adequately.

The third part of significant worth for a trail running shoe is life span, something that isn't at all simple to measure. Since all sets of shoes wear out in a limited period and should be supplanted, discovering shoes that can withstand more miles of maltreatment before breaking down is likewise basic to finding out that shoe's esteem. Sadly, not exclusively does each sprinter put an alternate measure of strain on their shoes, however we didn't have room schedule-wise or vitality to totally junk 16 sets of shoes before distributing our discoveries! So, after numerous long stretches of testing actually several sets of shoes, we have seen a few zones of shoes that will in general be the principal purposes of disappointment, just as certain plan includes that will in general destroy speedier than wanted. While we would prefer not to capitulate to hypothesis, we have called attention to issues we have found in a shoe's individual audit.

We granted these shoes our Best Buy Award since they held up for such a large number of miles crosswise over so very different territory like the sand and smooth shake on this keep running in Dark Canyon Bears Ears Utah.

We granted these shoes our Best Buy Award since they held up for such a large number of miles crosswise over so very different territory, similar to the sand and smooth shake on this keep running in Dark Canyon, Bears Ears, Utah.

Foot Protection

As we would see it, the most critical criteria for assessing a trail running shoe is the way well it secures your foot. All things considered, in the event that it didn't offer your foot assurance, for what reason would you wear it? The biggest part of insurance is what is found underneath — to put it plainly, the mix of the outsole and padded sole. The bottoms of the feet are among the most touchy regions of your body, so in the event that you mean to keep running on rough and uneven landscape, which is our main thing when we trail run, at that point your shoe will require sufficient underneath insurance. Forego this security, and watch how your feet will manage to you whether you can keep running on a trail or not, and how quick you can go.

Most underneath assurance comes in one of two structures: a stone plate made of a hard plastic or composite material that adds unbending nature to the shoe and ingests impacts, or in lieu of that, thick froth padding. The most well-known sort of froth found in contenders is EVA froth, which shields the foot from distensions as well as ingests a lot of the effect intrinsic to running before it ventures upward into a sprinter's body. The third technique for underneath assurance, found on the Nike shoes in this audit, is caught air pockets in the heel that additionally offer both insurance and padding. An intriguing segment of foot assurance is that it regularly comes to the detriment of affectability, and the other way around, which is the reason we reviewed for both.

Besieging down slopes is one of the incredible delights of trail running and is unquestionably made simpler by the plentiful measures of extravagant EVA froth underneath in the Challenger ATR 5 a standout amongst the most defensive shoes underneath you can purchase.

Shelling down slopes is one of the extraordinary joys of trail running and is absolutely made less demanding by the extensive measures of extravagant EVA froth underneath in the Challenger ATR 5, a standout amongst the most defensive shoes underneath you can purchase.

A lesser part of foot insurance is the manner by which well the upper does in securing the best and sides of your foot from bulges like sticks or scraped spot by rocks. The closures of the toes are a typical purpose of maltreatment, as we have all inadvertently kicked a stone while besieging down the trail. Inflexible toe guards go far to easing this torment, as does picking a shoe that isn't excessively tight on the toes. Numerous makers hold back on upper materials to spare weight and offer more noteworthy breathability and water seepage, while some have uppers that are as powerful as a Kevlar impenetrable vest.

Navigating sharp shakes like here on the highest point of Neocani Mountain on the Oregon Coast is a decent trial of a shoes affectability and underneath security. This one isn't too delicate.

Navigating sharp shakes like here on the highest point of Neocani Mountain on the Oregon Coast is a decent trial of a shoes affectability and underneath security. This one isn't too delicate.

Three shoes, specifically, offered the most elite in foot assurance. Our Editors' Choice honor winning Salomon S/Lab Ultra worked superbly of securing the undersides of our feet with its double thickness EVA froth, while likewise giving definitely more upper insurance than some other shoe we tried. The mix left us grinning, and guaranteed we could rundown a trail as crazy as we needed, realizing that our shoes had our back. Offering a considerably more noteworthy measure of underneath assurance, however without a gigantically defensive upper, are both of the maximally padded Hokas that we tried — the Speedgoat 2 just as the Hoka Challenger ATR 5. These shoes have huge amounts of absorptive froth padding that retains sway from rocks, yet additionally starting from the earliest stage general. Since we think this is such a fundamental segment to running your best anyplace rough terrain, we weighted foot security as 30% of a shoe's last score.

On the arrival trip from the purpose of Falcom Arch OR. The Speedgoat 2 are a perfect shoe for about any running experience in spite of the fact that we like them best for long separations and smoother territory.

On the arrival trip from the purpose of Falcom Arch, OR. The Speedgoat 2 are a perfect shoe for almost any running experience, in spite of the fact that we like them best for long separations and smoother territory.


If not for the definitely expanded execution with regards to footing, there would be just an insignificant measure of impetus to buy trail running shoes rather than straightforward street running shoes. In light of this evaluation, one could absolutely make the contention that footing is the absolute most vital part of a trail running shoe, and is surely one of the absolute first things you should look at while attempting on another pair of trail shoes. Look at the table beneath to perceive how the different models contrasted when it accompanied this basic measurement.

To concoct these scores, we formulated various controlled tests where we tried each pair of shoes each one in turn, and appraised them dependent on how well they did on that surface. The distinctive surfaces were steep soil, soak grass, mud, snow, dry shake, and wet shake. So the scores above are an amalgamation of a shoes execution on these different measurements, and the higher the score, the more surfaces that the shoe would be equipped for adhering effectively to with an abnormal state of certainty that it wouldn't slip.

After around two months of select utilize the track on the TerraUltra G260 is practically pure. The graphene-imbued elastic truly seems to definitely expand the life span of this present shoe's outsole a shelter for trail sprinters.

After around two months of restrictive use, the track on the TerraUltra G260 is practically unsullied. The graphene-implanted elastic truly seems to radically expand the life span of this current shoe's outsole, an aid for trail sprinters.

Two principle factors add to a shoes capacity to hold an assortment of surfaces well: the sort and dispersing of carries, and the execution of the elastic utilized. When all is said in done, further, progressively forceful carries will hold most surfaces better, particularly soak earth, grass, mud and snow. Increasingly more trail running shoes are mirroring this with the forcefulness of drags developing in all cases as of late. Carries that are dispersed firmly together will in general complete a superior occupation of holding admirably on shake and hard soil surfaces, while drags that are further separated will in general do the best employment of shedding mud without enabling it to incorporate up with an immense, substantial hotcake on the base of the shoe. The hardness of elastic additionally has a huge impact in the footing execution of a shoe. Milder elastic will in general be stickier and completes a much better activity grasping rock, both wet and dry. The drawback of delicate elastic is that it wears out or now and again rips off a lot less demanding, frequently shortening the life of the shoe on the off chance that you wear them a lot on asphalt of hard surfaces. Conversely, firmer elastic will in general be progressively strong and last significantly more, yet doesn't nibble into shake so well. Firm elastic is best for shoes that will generally be utilized on firm surfaces, as hardpacked earth trails.

Three shoes with the most forceful and most noteworthy performing footing. On the left is our Top Pick for footing the Inov-8 Roclite 290. Focus is the Saucony Peregrine 8 and on the privilege is the Salomon Speedcross 4.

Three shoes with the most forceful, and most noteworthy performing, footing. On the left is our Top Pick for footing, the Inov-8 Roclite 290. Focus is the Saucony Peregrine 8, and on the privilege is the Salomon Speedcross 4.

After these tests, and the innovation of another kind of elastic out and out, there is unmistakably one shoe that we need to perceive over all others, the Inov-8 TerraUltra G260, which won our Top Pick for the Best Traction. Be that as it may, we granted it this dependent on it having the most solid footing, incredibly expanding the life span of the shoe, just as its esteem. We likewise discovered that its graphene-improved outsole was similarly grippy on hard surfaces just as on tricky or wet shake, an irregularity for stiffer, increasingly solid rubbers.



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