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The Quest for the Perfect Backpacking Spork

Eating outside? Remember your spork. An association of spoon and fork, this utilitarian apparatus is proposed to deal with nourishment of every kind imaginable. Regardless of whether you are intending to utilize one for your weekday lunch, a ultralight exploring trip, or wolfing down a nibble at the ridge, the correct utensil for the activity needs to coordinate certain criteria. We put 8 of the most widely recognized and exceedingly appraised models through a progression of one next to the other tests to enable you to locate the ideal in a hurry utensil regardless of where you intend to eat. From boondocks ski trips in the Rocky Mountains to auto side suppers in Utah's desert, we assessed every contender for their capacity to enable us to cook and expend sustenance. We additionally researched fragility and the simplicity of cleaning. The outcome is a thorough survey that flushes out the amazing subtleties of these utensils and features their best employments.
The competitors


Extraordinary adaptability

Little bowl estimate

Giving first class comfort nearby quality development, the Snow Peak Titanium has the coveted flexibility of a spork yet handles like a typical utensil. It's anything but difficult to overlook you are utilizing a strangely molded bit of flatware, enabling you to make the most of your feast whether on the trail or amid a work day's lunch. Its boawl and tines have an ergonomic feel, and it performs well as a multi-utensil. In the case of scooping, blending, spreading, cutting, or wounding, this model is to a great degree sturdy and holds up to consistent utilize. It's additionally simple to clean, and the titanium opposes scratches.

The numerous experts exceed chaotic fingers, yet this spork comes up short when endeavoring to achieve the base of a dried out sustenance sack or a JetBoil exploring stove. Its little bowl measure additionally makes it a fair soup spoon. For the greater part of suppers, in any case, this contender sparkles and will keep you sustained for quite a long time and undertakings to come. In the wake of delving into your first feast, it is anything but difficult to perceive any reason why the Snow Peak Titanium takes the cake.

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Best Bang For Your Buck

humangear GoBites Uno

Humangear GoBites Best Buy Award

CDN$ 6.99

at Amazon CA

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Material: Nylon | Weight: 0.53 oz

Stout in spite of being plastic

Extraordinary cost to execution proportion

Unremarkable hand-feel

Not the most sterile

The humangear GoBites Uno gives a low value point without relinquishing sturdiness. Of all the plastic adaptations we tried, it was by a wide margin the most grounded model. Its thick plan loans to its quality as well as enhances the solace of the bowl and tines when eating. The material makes it simple to wipe clean when you are on the trail, and the huge bowl holds a strong nibble of soup or stew.

The primary disadvantage to this contender is the twofold finished plan. With a spoon toward one side and a fork on the other, holding it is a long way from normal. Inconvenience aside, you lose a portion of the adaptability of a genuine spork and need to pick either the spoon side or the fork side. Once your decision is made you're either dedicated or willing to swap closures and hazard tainting from filthy hands. In general, this model is awesome at the cost and might be appropriate for kids with its adjusted edges, protection from breaking, and low sticker price.

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Best for Ultralight Backpacking

Vargo Titanium ULV

Vargo Titanium Top Pick Award

CDN$ 33.02

at Amazon CA

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Material: Titanium | Weight: 0.3 oz


Amazing material

Decent to eat with

Doesn't achieve the base of got dried out sustenance sacks


In case you're hoping to save money on weight without giving up capacity, material, or life span, the Vargo Titanium ULV is the spork for you. This model got high stamps no matter how you look at it in the majority of our tests. Its low weight and solid material make it perfect for exploring however sufficiently agreeable to serve as your regular in a hurry utensil. Regardless of whether hurled in your rucksack, tote, or lunchbox, you will overlook it's even there until it's an ideal opportunity to eat.

In spite of the fact that this utensil meets the weight principles for ultralight hiking, it's normal length leads to challenges in case you're intending to depend intensely on dried out sustenance packs. Its thin development likewise feels somewhat irregular close by, however we didn't discover anything awkward about eating with this model. Dissimilar to the more typical plastic ultralight alternatives, it's made of unadulterated review titanium, yet be set up to spend an additional buck or two for the overhauled material. Coming in as one of the lightest and most strong models we tried made it our most loved for heading profound into the backwoods, yet in addition like it all around ok for general utilize.

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Examination and Test Results

Finding the ideal in a hurry utensil for your culinary needs may appear to be direct, yet the makers of these items have included a high level of specificity to each plan. This may appear over-building or adding a specialized component to a basic utensil, however in the wake of putting these eight untouchable models through a large number of testing, we can guarantee you that specific models exceed expectations specifically circumstances. Truly, eating ought to be about nourishment, however the vehicle you use to devour your grub can represent the deciding moment your feast.

There's nobody estimate fits-all with regards to these items making for a number incredible choices relying upon your one of a kind cutlery needs.

There's nobody estimate fits-all with regards to these items making for a number awesome alternatives relying upon your one of a kind cutlery needs.

How could we get the chance to be so stubborn about cutlery? We cooked and ate a considerable measure of suppers in a wide assortment of situations. From the backwoods to sidecountry to front nation, we utilized these sporks at home for breakfast, for work-week snacks, for auto outdoors meals, and as our beginning and end utensils while trekking, hiking, and ski visiting. We additionally put them through particular tests to assess their solace while eating, how helpful they are for cooking, that they are so easy to clean, and that they are so liable to break. Whatever remains of this audit goes into the bare essential of our testing. We talk about the significance of every one of these elements, how we evaluated them, and which models ended up as the winner in these particular territories.


Reusable sporks cost cash, regardless of whether it's solitary a bit. With our most costly rival coming in under $12, the cash merits lessening our utilization of dispensable plastic cutlery. Think about the ocean turtles! Yet, regardless of whether you're not angry with plastic supplanting sand on the world's shorelines, these reusable items offer unrivaled utility and solidness than their wobbly junk food cousins.

The chart beneath thinks about the general score of the item against its cost. The closer the model is to the base right-hand corner, the lower the cost and the better the execution. Our Best Buy, the humangear GoBites Uno is an astounding $3 and scored better than expected no matter how you look at it giving it our best cost to-execution proportion. On the extreme right, you can see that the Editors' Choice, the Snow Peak Titanium and the Vargo Titanium ULV, were the two most elevated performing models, yet their heftier sticker prices of $9.95 and $11.95 individually put them toward the highest point of the chart.


The essential capacity of any utensil is to fill in as a vehicle for transporting sustenance from your plate to your mouth. In kitchens all around the globe, you will discover numerous utensils for the activity. Spoons are for scooping while forks (or chopsticks) are for getting more strong pieces. The spork is the small time band of utensils. It gives the usefulness of both a spoon and a fork, which, hypothetically, makes it the ideal utensil for a large number of nourishment composes when you are in a hurry and space is constrained. We tried our items with a large number of dinners and particularly assessed their capacity to deal with ramen noodles and wound meat. Mold may regularly be relinquished for capacity, yet solace should just be deserted if all else fails. All things considered, your sustenance ought to be the star of the feast, not your utensil. How agreeable the model was to utilize, how well it took care of various sustenance composes, and how much fluid the bowl could hold all considered into our eating metric which contributed 35% to the general item score.

The big enchilada in this class was the Editors' Choice Award champ, the Snow Peak Titanium, yet the Vargo Titanium ULV came in at a nearby second. The Snow Peak display takes the cake with its commonplace outline. It feels ordinary in your grasp which makes it simple to overlook you are utilizing a flighty utensil. The bowl is a comparative shape to a standard spoon which makes it agreeable in your mouth and the tines offer a littler impersonation of your exemplary fork. The Vargo Titanium ULV isn't your ordinary bit of cutlery with its thin metal plan to decrease its general weight. Despite the fact that it doesn't precisely feel typical, it's pleasant to eat with and not entirely obvious the distinction.

An agreeable utensil implies you can center around your sustenance not your cutlery.

An agreeable utensil implies you can center around your nourishment, not your cutlery.

Extraordinary compared to other things about a hybridized spoon and fork is its exceptional capacity to convey the juices and the healthy bits in the meantime when you're eating soup. The majority of the models with a solitary finished blend configuration exceeded expectations with ramen. Actually, in the event that you are a resolute admirer of ramen and either ailing in chopstick abilities or simply endeavoring to streamline your ramen eating knowledge, sporks have a place in your cutlery cabinet. On the off chance that you are a ramen conventionalist and chopsticks are an absolute necessity, outwit the two universes with the GSI Outdoors Kung Foon spork and chopstick blend.

Sporks are for ramen sweethearts and the Kung Foon takes it up a level with included chopsticks.

Sporks are for ramen sweethearts, and the Kung Foon takes it up a level with included chopsticks.

With regards to wounding thick sustenance, similar to meat, the metal items with bigger tines handle more like an ordinary fork. The Snow Peak Titanium and the Vargo Titanium ULV played out this capacity well, as did the Sea to Summit AlphaLight.

To decide exactly how much fluid every item can hold, we utilized a syringe to fill each model's bowl with water until the point when the surface pressure broke. It shouldn't come as an unexpected that the best volume was held by a twofold finished model with a genuine spoon toward one side. The Light My Fire Original held a bewildering 8.5 cc's, trailed by the Vargo show with 5.75 ccs and the humangear GoBites Uno with 4.5 ccs.


By consolidating numerous utensils into one, these items characteristically go about as multi-instruments, however on the off chance that you intend to utilize yours on an exploring trip, it likewise needs to brag the additional utility of pretty much every culinary contraption with the exception of the kitchen sink. We utilized every one of the contenders to get ready and cook different suppers with a hiking stove to assess their capacity to spread, cut, and mix.

The back of the bowl works awesome to spread things like nut margarine, and the majority of the models did well at this undertaking. Cutting is best proficient by utilizing the thin mass of the bowl of the metal items like the Vargo Titanium ULV, the Snow Peak Titanium, and the Sea to Summit AlphaLight. The thicker metal and plastic models caused our square of cheddar to disintegrate.

The models with thin metal sides made it simple to cut cheddar.

The models with thin metal sides made it simple to cut cheddar.

Blending may seem like a straightforward errand, yet the profundity of the pot assumes an extensive job. Your common flatware, and also the larger part of these items, measure 6.5" from tip to tines. This length is ideal for eating however leaves your fingers scarcely over the surface when mixing a pot of soup. Luckily, none of the handles wound up hot with ordinary utilize, yet endeavor to achieve the base of a got dried out nourishment pack or a JetBoil stove, and you can disregard keeping your fingers out of the feast. This is the appalling case for the majority of our rivals spare one. Enter the Sea to Summit AlphaLight Spork - Long. It's 8.5" profile gives only the perfect measure of reward length to make it overshadow the majority of alternate models in this classification of testing. It likewise includes a calculated bowl that is intentionally intended to encourage scooping and blending. The Sea to Summit sacrifices some solace for its common sense, yet on the off chance that it will be your beginning and end utensil on a hiking trek and you intend to live on dried out nourishment sacks, its usefulness makes it justified, despite all the trouble.

While cooking may not be the essential capacity of these utensils they unquestionably take care of business in remote areas.

While cooking may not be the essential capacity of these utensils, they positively take care of business in remote areas.

Sauteed veggies with eggs is a central camp supper - simply jab your head around the Yosemite Search and Rescue camp, and you'll find that this group is powered by nothing else. While these items were effective at sauteing, we need to take note of a couple of admonitions. For one thing, the thin plastic models, for example, the LightMyFire Original and the MSR Folding, were inclined to dissolving after numerous employments. No noteworthy deformation happened, however the edge of the bowl that contacts the dish ended up blunted from the rehashed contact with the hot container. Second, in case you're wanting to utilize a non-stick container, be careful! The majority of the models we tried aside from one scratched our GSI Pinnacle Frypan's Teflon covering. The LightMyFire Original competed the non-stick surface, however the other two plastic models left eminent scratches. The GSI Outdoors Kung Foon comprises of additional thick hardened steel so expect some profound gouges on the off chance that you let this item rub a non-stick surface.

Sadly the majority of the models we tried with the exception of one scratched our non-stick container.

Tragically the majority of the models we tried aside from one scratched our non-stick container.


Cleaning choices are constrained when you are in a hurry, so we tried every item to decide how included the cleaning procedure should have been to keep it looking sparkling clean.

While not the most sterile, the easiest methods for expelling sustenance from your utensil is to wipe it clean. This activity can be expert in an assortment of routes relying upon your principles, along these lines to suit even the dirtiest of sleaze balls, we researched each model's capacity to be wiped clean by mouth and with a dry towel. Eggs and different proteins adhered somewhat more to the plastic models, however the titanium variants looked gleaming and new after an intensive wiping. It's a valuable method, even in the front-nation when you need to hurl it in your pack before coming back to work. It keeps your sack clean and gives you a chance to sit tight for the dishwasher to do the substantial cleaning once you're back at home. The majority of the models we tried are dishwasher safe aside from the Sea to Summit AlphaLight.

Basic plans were less demanding to clean than ones with collapsing joints or tight notches.

Basic outlines were less demanding to clean than ones with collapsing joints or tight sections.

Dried sticky sustenance can be a test to evacuate. We made up a pot of macintosh and cheddar, plunged every item into the sauce, and let them sit out until the point that the sauce framed a pleasant outside layer. We at that point set out to flush them first with cool running water and no extra apparatuses other than our fingers. The Snow Peak, the Vargo, the humangear, and the Sea to Summit were the simplest to get spotless. The two collapsing models from Toaks and MSR required the expansion of a wipe to get the collapsing joints free of gunk. The spork bit of the GSI Outdoor Kung Foon was brisk and simple, yet the chopsticks have minor gaps on the backend which were relatively difficult to wipe out altogether and required an unfurled paperclip.

Macintosh n' cheddar sauce drying on the models to test their capacity to wash clean.

Macintosh n' cheddar sauce drying on the models to test their capacity to wash clean.


The exact opposite thing you need when numerous miles into the boondocks is to be stranded with no sensible method to cook your sustenance and scoop it into your mouth. Entropy, the thermodynamic rule that all things experience steady advancement towards confusion, is a lamentable given in this world and ordinary utilize accelerates the procedure. Be that as it may, how rapidly these utensils twist, disfigure, or break with typical utilize relies upon the plan and the material.

The Snow Peak Titanium is for all intents and purposes bombproof. One of our analyzers has had five years of experience suppers with this model and doesn't look any worn out than the day she got it. The Vargo Titanium ULV hinted at no twisting or other weathering all through our multi month testing period. The humangear GoBites Uno demonstrated amazing sturdiness for its plastic development. It felt durable close by and wasn't staged by any of the thick, sticky dinners we tossed at it. The other plastic models, nonetheless, were inclined to twisting while at the same time blending and had an inadequate feel with utilize. The LightMyFire Original snapped down the middle right off the bat in our testing period while being utilized to mix breakfast potatoes. Luckily, it was our just being used loss.

The LightMyFire was the main model that didn't survive general use amid our testing period.

The LightMyFire was the main model that didn't survive general use amid our testing period.

To ensure these items could confront even the most powerful culinary experience, we deliberately set out to test their cutoff points. Utilizing a c-clip, we settled the handle to a table simply up from the bowl where your hand would ordinarily get a handle on the handle. With the bowl hanging off into space, we hung a water container loaded up with weighted measures of water extending from 1 lb to 10 lbs and looked for indications of distorting.

5-lbs had this model twisting around backwards This plastic model didn't move with an additional 10-lbs.

The Snow Peak, humangear, and the GSI Outdoors models held up to 10 lbs without any indications of flexing. The Sea to Summit and the Vargo demonstrated some give with 10 lbs, however when the water container was evacuated, there was no noticeable change. The Toaks didn't break, yet the collapsing joint discharged with only 1 lb of weight. The MSR hinted at no waiting harm, however 5 lbs made it bow so extremely, the water container tumbled off.

Spork Buying Advice

Utilizing apparatuses with our opposable thumbs is one of the characterizing qualities of being human. Be it a spoon, fork, blade, or chopsticks, these instruments are composed with the sole reason for encouraging our utilization of sustenance. Your flatware cabinet at home likely contains an assortment of those utensils. All things considered, few need to eat soup with a fork. Be that as it may, what happens when you need to eat in a hurry? Conveying an arrangement of exemplary flatware is both massive and overwhelming, and single-utilize plastic utensils are inefficient and might filter harmful synthetics. Enter the spork. It's the ideal blend of utility and transportability. Most models are lightweight, going from 1.8 oz the distance down to 0.3 oz and offer the adaptability of both a SP-oon and a f-ORK.

Choosing to do without a more formal table setting (sorry Mom, those decorum classes aren't valuable here!) and embracing a half and half utensil for your movement eating needs, may appear like an easy decision, yet picking the correct model isn't as straightforward as it sounds.

There's nobody measure fits-all with regards to these items making for a number awesome alternatives relying upon your special cutlery needs.

There's nobody estimate fits-all with regards to these items making for a number extraordinary choices relying upon your special cutlery needs.

Where you intend to utilize it, what you intend to utilize it for, and how subordinate you are individually are a couple of the primary variables to mull over. To answer these inquiries, we tried the most well known models available to decide their execution as eating instruments and cooking apparatuses. We likewise assessed that they were so natural to clean and their capacity to withstand managed use without breaking or twisting. We pushed these utensils to discover their cutoff points so when you wind up eating some place somewhere down in the Andes, you don't need to.

Area, Location, Location

Where you intend to utilize your spork assumes the greatest job in deciding the fundamental necessities. Like most things, the more specialized the gear, the higher the sticker price. These items run from $3 to $12, and generally, the more costly models have greater movement particular highlights.

Weight and Durability

For exploring, your essential concerns are solidness and weight. A lightweight model won't serve you in the event that it just keeps going part path through your outing. Dependability tallies in the event that you are arranging a broadened through climb on the Pacific Crest Trail or even seven days in length trip in the Adirondacks, however so does decreasing the aggregate weight of your rigging. While a couple of parts of an ounce may appear to be irrelevant, when the majority of your belonging are lashed to your back for mile after mile, each and every piece checks.


Solace in the backwoods is no little extravagance and eating ought to be about sustenance, not the vehicle you use to transport it from plate to mouth. With remarkable scores in strength and solace and in addition a sensible weight of 0.6oz, our Editors' Choice, the Snow Peak Titanium, is an incredible alternative regardless of where you intend to take it. Lighter models, similar to the Vargo Titanium ULV and the humangear GoBites Uno, scored better than expected in solace and sturdiness. The previous is one of the pricer models yet won our Top Pick for Ultralight Backpacking because of its super lightweight, protection from breaking, and nice likeness to an ordinary utensil. The humangear GoBites Uno, then again, is a flexible plastic elective that flaunts an outstandingly low sticker price which earned it our Best Buy Award.

The humangear display feels more great close by and mouth contrasted with the other plastic models we tried.

The humangear show feels more good close by and mouth contrasted with the other plastic models we tried.

Front Country Dining

While a large portion of the models reasonable for exploring perform well in the front nation, auto outdoors and workday or school snacks prompt greater adaptability. Solace can turn into a best need, and for that, the Snow Peak Titanium accepts the cake as it most nearly looks like what's as of now in your kitchen however brings the additional flexibility of a cross breed. With regards to kids, sending a more costly and pokey titanium model to class with your kid may be somewhat of a hazard. The humangear show offers the wellbeing of plastic, and its low sticker price makes it somewhat less demanding to supplant on the off chance that it mystically develops legs and strays aloneā€¦ or so says little Johnny.

Frontcountry noodles are best conveyed by means of chopsticks on the Kung Foon.

Frontcountry noodles are best conveyed by means of chopsticks on the Kung Foon.

Keeping it Clean

Where and how you intend to wash your dishes will suit a few models superior to other people. Luckily, the majority of the models we tried are dishwasher safe with the exception of the Sea to Summit AlphaLight. While this may appear like a bummer for that specific item, its long handle and calculated bowl make it best for backwoods cooking where we're almost certain you won't have a dishwasher helpful in any case.

The material and configuration likewise influence the utensil's tidiness. The titanium models are simpler to wipe clean and additionally wash with chilly water than the plastic choices. Collapsing models likewise have additional depressions at their joints where bits of nourishment are inclined to wait. Last however surely not slightest, the items with twofold finished plans are a formula for grimy hands and debased supper except if you are focused on utilizing either a spoon or a fork yet not both.

The Multi-Tool Utensil

Non-Stick Cookware

When exploring, your spork needs to twofold as a cabinet loaded with flatware as well as your cooking device. In case you're wanting to cook with a non-stick, be careful. Each model with the exception of the LightMyFire Original scratched our "additional sturdy" Teflon covered skillet amid testing.

Got dried out Food Bags and JetBoils

On the off chance that planning got dried out sustenance in its pack or cooking with a JetBoil stove is your style, a since quite a while ago took care of model proves to be useful. While the standard is 6.5-crawls from tip to tines, the MSR Folding is 8.5-inch long when expanded, and the Sea to Summit AlphaLight Long flaunts a 10.5-inch profile. This additional achieve keeps your fingers out of your sustenance and far over the fire when cooking. The Sea to Summit likewise has a little bowl with a sharp edge which exceeds expectations at blending regardless of whether it feels somewhat odd to eat with.

The MSR demonstrate expands 8 inches better prepared for mixing further pots and boondocks suppers.

The MSR show expands 8 inches, better prepared for blending further pots and backwoods dinners.

Diverse Cuisines

The excellence of these half breed utensils is in their capacity to deal with an assortment of sustenances superior to anything a spoon or a fork can alone. Once you've eaten spaghetti with a spork, you'll be asking the Italians for what good reason this wasn't imagined decades back. The twofold finished models, be that as it may, miss out on this newly discovered pasta-idealize character.

While none of these items are as perfect for slurping soup as a profoundly loaded Asian soup spoon, the majority of them hold enough fluid to be adequate. To test their soup conveying limit, we utilized a syringe to stack the bowl of each model to its most extreme. As anyone might expect, the twofold finished models without the spaces of the tines performed best, yet in the wake of eating endless dishes of ramen, bean stew, and chicken soup with these items, we discovered this estimation to just insignificantly affect our inclinations.

These utensils are a match made in paradise with regards to eating ramen. The tines keep a hang on those tricky noodles and the bowl conveys flavorful stock in each nibble.

These utensils are a match made in paradise with regards to eating ramen. The tines keep a hang on those dangerous noodles and the bowl conveys heavenly juices in each nibble.

Material Matters

Nylon and other plastic models, similar to the MSR Folding and LightMyFire Original, are inclined to misshaping with dull use in a hot dish. While none of the plastic models through and through dissolved amid testing, the edge that contacts the skillet winds up distorted after some time. The thick dividers of the plastic models likewise rendered them less helpful for cutting. This probably won't make any difference in the event that you bring a folding knife, yet all things considered, maintain a strategic distance from the compulsion to cut over something besides a hard surface. Something else, utilize the thin-walled edge of one of the metal variants to cut through cheddar while saving your thigh the requirement for fastens.

Wellbeing Implications

Titanium is a high-review material that is impervious to wear and tear. This implies it won't just withstand the harshest of experiences, however it will likewise hush up about its particles and not end up draining synthetic compounds into your nourishment. Treated steel pursues a comparable suit. Aluminum, then again, is a substantial metal that has been known to debase sustenance when in contact with warmth. While this applies all the more so to aluminum pots and skillet, it's as yet something to know about.

With regards to plastic, the fundamental concern is BPA (bisphenol-an), a harmful synthetic connected to disease development in people. Luckily, the majority of the models we tried are without bpa, yet it is just a single of numerous possibly hurtful synthetic substances found in plastic. As research keeps on developing about the risks of these oil based polymers, it's shrewd to continue with alert. The white plastic flatware you find at spots like Taco Bell accompanies no assurance and whether you choose to get one of the plastic or metals items we tried, you can in any event make certain that you are not adding BPA to your suppers.

Our Editors' Choice the Snow Peak Titanium on a boondocks ski trip.

Our Editors' Choice, the Snow Peak Titanium, on a boondocks ski trip.


Regardless of whether you are eating a summit nibble at 10,000ft or the previous evening's remains in the workplace lounge, a spork is your optimal in a hurry utensil. The flexible plan of a spoon-fork half breed amplifies eating productivity, and the lightweight material makes them incredible for movement. Everybody must eat, and this specialized bit of cutlery is a basic piece of each swashbuckler's mealtime unit. From enormous dividers to lunch boxes, these devices keep you encouraged and spare your fingers for the more critical things, similar to hand sticks and puff paint. Look at our individual item surveys to locate your ideal mealtime coordinate.


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