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2018 Top Dropper Post for Your Mountain Bike

We set out to locate the best dropper post for your bicycle. Subsequent to looking into more than 30 models, we bought 7 of the best posts and thoroughly field-tried every one — all while riding the trails of Lake Tahoe and northern California. Every wa put through hell while climbing and dropping for many miles on steep and specialized trails, requiring regular changes in seat tallness. We likewise tried them next to each other in a controlled domain on the hand crafted OutdoorGearLab dropper post analyzer for a more inside and out similar investigation. Amid our time for testing, we investigated every contender to assess its execution, and all the more significantly, how they contrast with one another.
Testing the dropper posts side-by-side in a controlled environment on our custom made OutdoorGearLab testing unit.
This mid year, our master analyzers accelerated up and hurtle down the Tahoe trails looking for the best dropper. They found that the 9Point8 Fall Line offered the best execution in general, with negligible cons. Nearby another Best Buy victor, we have additionally granted another Top Pick for Lightweight Performance to the Kind Shock LEV Integra. Each of the three of our honor victors are pristine to our audit.

Best in class remote

Imaginative seat brace outline

Accessible in six unique lengths

Flexible spring rate

Two-year guarantee

Zero waste bundling

Fast interface

Fast interface

Finicky Installation-link pressure

Poor execution if setup inappropriately

The moderately little Canadian brand, 9point8, has been delivering quality items like the Fall Line for a couple of years and they have rapidly become well known as a trailblazer in the market. This is the first run through the 9point8 Fall Line has been in the OutdoorGearLab dropper test, and it surprised the opposition, bringing home our Editors' Choice honor. The Fall Line includes 9point8's very own link impelled mechanical slowing mechanism, known as DropLoc, to bolt the post anyplace inside its movement go. It has a movable air spring so you can dial in the rate of come back to your loving, and we found the Fall Line to have the simplest pressure, and also the most agreeable remote activation constrain in our one next to the other testing. We were particularly awed by 9point8's keenly composed highlights like their best-in-class remote lever plan and seat clip, easily overlooked details that have a major effect. The Fall Line is likewise sponsored by a two-year guarantee, and parts are promptly accessible for the home mechanics out there or if there should be an occurrence of breakage. Discuss choices! The Fall Line is accessible in a shocking six travel lengths, three distinct remotes, and in inline or counterbalance arrangements. This comes at what we consider to be a sensible cost of $399.

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Best Bang for Your Buck

Crankbrothers Highline

crankbrothers Highline Best Buy Award


(10% off)

at Amazon

See It

See all costs (2 found)

Ergonomic general remote

Imaginative seat cinch

Predictable execution

Smooth travel

Simple to introduce

Low stack stature

Minimum Expensive in test

Three-year guarantee

non-movable spring rate

Not the lightest

Wrench Brothers has been at the bleeding edge of off-road bicycle item plan for over 10 years. Known best for their pedals and multi-instruments, they've as of late entered the dropper seatpost showcase and delivered what could be the most great item we have ever observed from Crank Brothers. With a retail cost of $350, the Crank Brothers Highline was a shoe-in for our Best Buy grant and about brought home the Editors' Choice honor; it's that great. We were particularly awed with their genuinely widespread remote that is connected with a circular cinch for ergonomic customization, and in addition their one of a kind seat brace outline that made establishment and evacuation of the seat particularly simple. The Highline was likewise fabulously easy to introduce with their fast interface framework and the way that the link gets cut and pleated at the remote end by the handlebar. It had a portion of the smoothest travel of all posts tried with a foreordained non-flexible spring rate in their fixed cartridge that is supported by an industry-driving three-year guarantee. The Highline had the most minimal stack tallness of all seatposts tried, which may enable a few riders to fit a more drawn out dropper on their bicycle, and it's accessible in three travel lengths: 100mm, 125mm (tried), and a just-discharged 160mm form. We can't say enough great things in regards to the Highline, and we think you'll cherish it, as well.

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Top Pick for Lightweight Performance

Kind Shock LEV Integra

Kind Shock LEV Integra Top Pick Award


(26% off)

at Backcountry

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See all costs (2 found)

Lightest in test

Unending travel

smooth and reliable

simple to introduce

Low stack tallness

sensible cost

remote plan

history of shakiness

KS makes droppers, and beside two or three different items, that is everything they do. So it's nothing unexpected that the KS LEV Integra was our best pick for lightweight execution. Tipping the scales at 576g including link, lodging and polycarbonate remote, the LEV Integra was the lightest in our test by more than 40g, and the main dropper to weigh under 600g. In addition to the fact that it was light, it was appraised the third best in our execution correlation, due for the most part to is smooth travel and reliably solid execution. The KS LEV Integra experienced a full period of testing without any than a normal substitution of the link and lodging. The KS LEV Integra highlights a fundamental however strong two-jolt saddle brace that conceals an air valve for the flexible air spring. Amid our next to each other testing, we found that the LEV Integra was the third simplest post to pack, and the little and direct remote required the second minimum power to impel, both pluses in our book. Join the KS LEV Integra's smooth and reliable execution with the way that it retails for $379 and we have ourselves not only a lightweight entertainer, but rather a sensibly evaluated one at that.

Read survey: Kind Shock LEV Integra

Examination and Test Results

Dropper seatposts are close to the highest priority on the rundown of the best developments in off-road bicycle innovation, actually changing the manner in which we ride. 10 years back you were unquestionably in the minority in the event that you had one of these modern contraptions; the vast majority either reluctant to have a go at something new or manage the extra weight. Early forms were overwhelming, finicky and they just appeared to be unusually superfluous. "How hard is it to stop and lower your seatpost," or "I simply ride everything with my seatpost up," were remarks generally heard in the beginning of trailside dropper seatpost discusses. Gradually yet most likely we as a whole gave in, until the point when your companion without a dropper was the weirdo, and it was all of a sudden irritating to hold up as they halted and brought down their seat for the declining.

These days, droppers have turned out to be all around acknowledged among mountain bikers and considered by numerous individuals to be a standout amongst the most vital parts on their bicycle. Raising and bringing down your seat to the ideal stature for climbing or dropping is as basic as pushing a remote lever, thus our seats can simply be precisely where we need them. They have enabled us to ride our bicycles better and all the more easily, approach trails in an unexpected way, and stop far less much of the time. In the event that you don't have a dropper, we trust you ought to get one. You can express gratitude toward us later…

Numerous advanced bicycles are regularly spec'd with droppers, and carbon and aluminum outlines presently highlight gaps to course links and lodging inside. The coming and reception of less difficult 1x drivetrains has tidied up the handlebars of bicycles also, making more space for the remote actuators.

Smoothness and Functionality

Smoothness and Functionality is a metric that we use to rate the activity of the seatpost in both pressure and augmentation and also a general rating of its execution amid its essential assignment of dropping and raising your seat. Is the post simple to pack, does it expand easily and reliably? Does it have any free play in the seat, any hang or different imperfections in its execution? Is the movement hosed at the best or base of the stroke? Does it have a movable rate of return like the Race Face Turbine or 9point8 Fall Line, or is it set at a settled speed like the Thomson Elite Covert or Crank Brothers Highline?

Smoothness and Functionality were tried all through many miles of riding on every dropper post independently. The posts were likewise run an extent of tests and burned through their movement several times while mounted next to each other on a hand crafted OutdoorGearLab test contraption in a controlled domain for further similar examination. The next to each other testing enabled us to examine each part of the dropper post's usefulness, from the simplicity of incitation, pressure, expansion, remote ergonomics, smoothness and above all, this gave us the chance to specifically contrast them with one another.

Testing the dropper posts next to each other in a controlled situation on our specially crafted OutdoorGearLab testing unit.
Three seatposts wowed us with their resolute smoothness. The Thomson Elite Covert, the Crank Brothers Highline, and KS LEV Integra all set the bar high with amazingly steady smooth travel both here and there, practically no seat play, a strong vibe and unsurprising execution. The 9point8 Fall Line and RockShox Reverb Stealth likewise performed stunningly well and verged on meeting the exclusive requirement set by the best scorers.

Seat Clamp

While it might appear to be a commonplace piece of the dropper post condition, we feel that the seat clip is very critical and can represent the deciding moment a generally mind boggling item. The seat brace plays out the vital activity of holding your seat onto your dropper post, and great ones go unnoticed.

The great seat cinch of the 9point8 Fall Line

The noteworthy seat brace of the 9point8 Fall Line

Ineffectively performing seat cinches, then again, are frequently loud, self-slacken, or make it hard to expel or introduce your seat. The majority of the dropper posts we tried included a two-jolt head plan, fore and rearward, to alter the edge and grasp the seat rails. A few of the presents shroud a valve on alter the gaseous tension in or under the seat cinch. The 9point8 Fall Line was the most astounding scorer in this rating, including a creative outline that takes into consideration less demanding establishment of your seat, autonomous point and fore-rearward modification, and speedy and simple access to the air valve. The Crank Brothers Highline arrived in a nearby second with their extraordinary opened head and swiveling outline, an easy to use takeoff from the standard two-jolt saddle clip.


The majority of the droppers we tried are activated by a handlebar-mounted remote for fast and simple access on the fly. Not all dropper remotes are made equivalent, notwithstanding, as some have preferable plans and usefulness over others. The remote plan that works best for you might be reliant on your drivetrain the same number of new remotes are made to work with 1x frameworks and mount in the spot where front shifters used to live, while others may work better with a 2x or 3x framework.

The three most preferred remote levers in our test envisioned from left to right the Crank Brothers Highline 9point8 Fall Line and Fox Transfer Performance. See a pattern here?

The three most preferred remote levers in our test, envisioned from left to right, the Crank Brothers Highline, 9point8 Fall Line, and Fox Transfer Performance. See a pattern here?

We considered numerous variables when testing the remotes of the different test posts, including ergonomics, mounting positions, activation power and similarity with shifters or brake levers. It is significant that we just tried the remotes that accompanied our dropper posts, and many offer a wide range of remote choices for different setups which we will specify in the individual surveys. Our most loved remote lever configuration was incorporated with the 9point8 Fall Line. The Thumb lever that accompanied the Fall Line could be arranged in some ways, vertically, on a level plane, or under mounted on the left side in a 1x shifter design. The Crank Brothers Highline had our other most loved remote, including an interesting circular clip that took into consideration almost boundless ergonomic change.

The KS polycarbonate remote lever frontal area while mounted for one next to the other testing.

The KS polycarbonate remote lever, frontal area, while mounted for one next to the other testing.


Essentially all off-road bicycle outfit is liable to weight investigation, and dropper posts are no exemption. A dropper is heavier than a standard post, despite the fact that it is one weight punishment that most riders will acknowledge. Every single other thing being equivalent, lighter is commonly viewed as better since that implies your bicycle will weigh less. A dropper post weighs as much as the entirety of its parts, so we gauged each seatpost, its link, lodging and remote, as it was mounted on our test bike.

The distinctions in weight aren't too outrageous, so we put less accentuation on this rating metric than the others, yet at the same time feel it is deserving of consideration. The KS LEV Integra was the lightest post in our test determination, while the Thomson Covert Elite was the heavyweight, around 100g heavier. Strikingly, four of the posts in our test weighed inside a 12g scope of one another, the RockShox Reverb Stealth, 621g, The Crank Brothers Highline, 620g, the 9point8 Fall Line, 617g, and the Race Face Turbine, 609g.

The heaviness of a dropper present is equivalent on the whole of its parts. For this situation the Thomson Elite Covert tips the scales at 690g one of the heaviest in the test.

The heaviness of a dropper present is equivalent on the aggregate of its parts. For this situation, the Thomson Elite Covert tips the scales at 690g, one of the heaviest in the test.

Simplicity of Setup

Most producers prescribe having your dropper post introduced by an expert workman, and we won't contend with that. In addition to the fact that we need to disparage our nearby bicycle shops to keep them around for the various parts, administration and things our bicycles require, however they will most likely complete an extraordinary activity at this to some degree challenging and once in a while convoluted undertaking.

In case you're the DIY compose, at that point you're likely intrigued by the fact that it is so natural to introduce your dropper post yourself. We turned out to be very capable at introducing and expelling dropper posts and distinguishing the simplicity or test of each model. This incorporates everything from joining the remote to the handlebar, how the link appends to the post and remote, and how field workable, if by any means, the post is. Ostensibly the most troublesome piece of introducing any inside steered seatpost is running the lodging through the edge; from that point onward, most models fluctuate in setup. Numerous new models like the 9point8 Fall Line, Race Face Turbine, and the Crank Brothers Highline have "fast interface" frameworks which, once introduced, take into consideration apparatus free expulsion of the post from the casing.

We found in link incited frameworks that where you need to cut the link, either the remote end or the post end, has a major effect in simplicity of setup. For instance, the barrel, or lead, end of the link is associated at the base of the seatposts on the Fox Transfer Performance, Crank Brothers Highline, and Thomson Elite Covert posts. We observed these presents on be substantially simpler to set up as you can pull strain on the link and cut it at the remote end by the handlebar, giving you more space to work with, bringing about less speculating and checking.
Both the 9point8 Fall Line and the Race Face Turbine utilize a link impelled framework and speedy interface at the base of the post for apparatus free expulsion of the post from the edge. This framework was essentially more finicky and testing to introduce than other link activated posts. The RockShox Reverb Stealth likewise has establishment challenges since they utilize pressure driven liquid in their lodging to impel the seatpost. These three dropper posts were the most difficult to introduce, and we would prescribe leaving the undertaking to the experts at your neighborhood bicycle shop.

We tried these dropper posts so you don't need to. Imagined from left to right: 9point8 Fall Line RockShox Reverb Stealth Crank Brothers Highline Fox Transfer Performance Thomson Elite Covert Race Face Turbine KS LEV Integra

We tried these dropper posts so you don't need to. Imagined from left to right: 9point8 Fall Line, RockShox Reverb Stealth, Crank Brothers Highline, Fox Transfer Performance, Thomson Elite Covert, Race Face Turbine, KS LEV Integra

Kinds of Dropper Seatposts

The majority of the dropper posts in our test choice component interminable travel alteration, which means they can stop anyplace in their scope of movement between completely compacted and completely expanded. Limitless change is turning into the standard, yet there are a bunch of dropper posts are available that offer multi-positional, or ordered, travel. Multi-positional posts have generally had three travel positions, completely broadened, completely packed and one in the middle.

Inside directed droppers posts are associated at the base of the seatpost for a perfect look and no links outside of the edge.

Inside directed droppers posts are associated at the base of the seatpost for a perfect look and no links outside of the casing.

The inward steering of dropper seatpost links and lodging is turning into the standard for present day trail blazing bicycles and the majority of the droppers in our test choice component this style of directing. As the name proposes, inside directed posts include plans with the links and lodging running within the casing, and the connection is at the base of the seatpost. This style of directing tidies up the presence of your bicycle by constraining the quantity of links and lodging joined to the outside of it. There are likewise numerous remotely directed dropper posts available that are good with edges that don't take into account inward steering. Remotely steered dropper presents are ordinarily less demanding on introduce however have a less spotless appearance.

Dropper posts are accessible in different lengths of movement, normally 100mm, 125mm, and 150mm, with a couple of brands presently beginning to offer longer lengths up to 170-175mm, even 200mm. Our Editors' Choice honor champ, the 9point8 Fall Line, is accessible in a dumbfounding six travel lengths. What length post you pick fluctuates dependent on close to home inclination, yet in addition what can fit on your bicycle contingent upon your tallness, situate tube length, and generally speaking seatpost length. The majority of the posts we tried are accessible in the standard seat tube measurements of 30.9mm and 31.6mm, with a couple of being offered in the more up to date width of 34.9mm.

Almost all dropper posts highlight a water powered cartridge or air spring that is link activated. The RockShox Reverb Stealth is one exemption that is impelled using pressurized water, using water driven liquid in the lodging instead of a standard link. The outline beneath demonstrates the general rankings of the dropper posts in our test with the 9point8 Fall Line and Crank Brothers Highline dominating the competition dependent on our rating criteria, which are clarified in detail underneath.

Testing the dropper presents one next to the other on think about smoothness in pressure and augmentation.

Testing the dropper presents one next to the other on analyze smoothness in pressure and augmentation.


Would you like to enhance your bicycle and body position while riding, dependably have your seatpost in the correct spot without ceasing, and at the push of a catch? Obviously you do! We feel that a dropper seatpost is a move up to your bike that is extremely valuable. The new harvest of dropper posts available just proceed to develop and enhance, so which one is appropriate for you? We trust that our point by point similar investigation causes you settle on an educated choice on the off chance that you are in the market for a dropper post, which you totally ought to be on the off chance that you don't have one as of now.

The most effective method to Choose a Dropper Seatpost

In the event that you've at any point viewed a declining race or gone downhilling yourself at that point you've most likely seen how low everybody's seats are. Having a low seat isn't just about looking cool, indeed, there's a great purpose behind having your seat low while riding downhill. Bringing down one's seat for sliding is vital in light of the fact that it gets the seat off the beaten path, furnishing you with more space to move your body uninhibitedly while likewise enabling you to control the bicycle underneath you. A low and off the beaten path situate gives you a chance to get your body and bicycle into the ideal position for handling the territory before you.

Bringing down and raising your seat used to be less helpful than it is today. Everybody used to stop at the highest point of each broadened downhill segment and lower their seat a couple of inches, just to stop again at the base of that declining area and raise their seats back up to the best possible stature for accelerating. Nowadays, dropper seatposts enable us to do likewise, just now we can do it on the fly at the push of a catch without halting, giving us the chance to dependably have our seat at the best possible stature for the changing territory before us.

The 9point8 Fall Line completely compacted and expanded

The 9point8 Fall Line completely compacted and expanded

Numerous individuals consider dropper seatposts to be a standout amongst the most diversion changing advancements in the trail blazing bicycle industry, truly changing the manner in which we ride. We absolutely won't contend with that. We feel that a dropper post can drastically enhance the manner in which you ride while additionally making it less demanding and more fun than it as of now is. There are various interesting points when looking for a dropper post and we would like to comprehend a portion of that underneath.

Sorts of Dropper Posts

Boundlessly Adjustable

Boundlessly movable dropper presents permit riders on alter the stature of the post anyplace inside its movement go. The majority of the dropper posts in our latest dropper post test highlight this sort of flexibility. For instance, the Editor's Choice Award winning 9point8 Fall Line will bolt into the right spot as far as possible up, down, or anyplace in the middle of dependent on how far you pack it with your weight or enable it to expand when squeezing the remote lever.

Multi-Position Dropper Posts

Thes sorts of dropper situate posts are winding up less normal, however there are as yet a few multi-positional posts accessible available. These posts ordinarily have three positions, completely expanded, completely packed, and one in the middle. While they may not offer the scope of modification that an interminably customizable post can the positions are commonly satisfactory to enhance your off-road bicycle encounter regardless.

We tried dropper posts on a specially crafted one next to the other analyzer to outwardly think about ride tallness stack stature smoothness and usefulness and remote lever plans.

We tried dropper posts on a hand crafted one next to the other analyzer to outwardly look at ride tallness, stack stature, smoothness and usefulness, and remote lever outlines.

Stature: Travel, Ride, and Stack

When estimating a dropper post there are a few estimations that are useful to know to decide the size you can fit on your bicycle. The length of your inseam, the length of your seat tube, and the length of the seatpost at full expansion are on the whole factors that should be estimated and considered alongside the estimations recorded underneath.

First the length of movement is critical. Dropper posts come in different lengths, ordinarily, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, and now up to 175mm and even an incredible 200mm. This length estimates the measure of movement between the base of the seat cinch and the highest point of the seatpost neckline. We by and large need to the most drop we can get, normally 150mm, in spite of the fact that riders with shorter legs might be restricted to shorter lengths of movement.

The ride stature is the deliberate length of the seatpost at full expansion between where the seat rail is associated with the seat camp and the base of the post neckline. The estimation speaks to the base length that will be outside of your bicycle outline over the seatpost clip. Stack stature is the deliberate length of the post at full pressure between where the seat rail is associated at the seat cinch and the base of the seatpost neckline. This number can likewise be made sense of by subtracting the movement length from the ride stature. The Crank Brothers Highline had the most minimal stack stature of all posts tried at 47mm.

Estimating the stack stature of the Thomson Elite Covert.

Estimating the stack stature of the Thomson Elite Covert.

It is likewise imperative to quantify the usable length of a bicycle's seat tube. Present day suspension outlines regularly intrude on the seat tube and may constrain the length of post that can be embedded into it. The general length of a seatpost at full expansion may manage the length of movement that you might have the capacity to fit onto your edge. Dropper posts with shorter ride statures/stack statures may press some additional movement onto yours.

Seat Tube Diameter

Dropper seatposts are regularly offered in the most widely recognized seat tube measurements of 30.9mm and 31.6mm. A restricted few are likewise currently being offered in 34.9mm distance across. It is absolutely critical to buy a model in the distance across that matches your casing's seat tube. This is effortlessly estimated, or can for the most part be found via looking through your bicycle's model and specs on the web.

Water powered versus Link

The RockShox Reverb Stealth is the main model available that impelled powerfully, with pressure driven liquid that keeps running from the remote to the base of the seatpost. The majority of alternate contenders we tried are link activated. Link incited models utilize a standard derailleur link that goes through standard derailleur lodging from the remote to the base of the post. Link impelled presents fluctuate in trouble on introduce, yet most are less demanding to manage than the powerfully enacted framework. Standard derailleur link and lodging is likewise cheap and simple to supplant, and a harmed link can frequently be repaired in the field after all other options have been exhausted.

Inside steered droppers posts are associated at the base of the seatpost for a perfect look and no links outside of the casing.

Inside directed droppers posts are associated at the base of the seatpost for a spotless look and no links outside of the edge.


Dropper seatposts are accessible in two distinctive steering alternatives, interior or outside. The majority of the contenders we tried are inside steered, or, in other words standard for dropper posts on present day outlines which include port openings for running the link and lodging inside to a connection at the base of the post. Interior steering limits the quantity of links appended to outside of the edge for a cleaner appearance. Running lodging through the casing is regularly the greatest test related with introducing inside directed dropper seatposts. Remotely steered dropper posts are accessible for more established casings or those without port openings for inner directing. The link and lodging of remotely steered dropper posts keeps running outwardly of the bicycle casing and connects to the post some place over the post cinch.



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