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SlimPort Nano-Console review

Today I'm inspecting an extremely cool bit of tech, the SlimPort Nano-Console which enables you to dock and show your Android cell phone's showcase on any HDMI empowered TV or screen.


The Nano-Console is a basic 3D square formed dock with a translucent base. The base is separable so you can simply take the "3D shape" with you for most extreme compactness. It out and out looks cool and interesting. The base is planned with a basic lip that will hold your telephone upright and the 3D square itself completes an extraordinary activity of holding your telephone also. It accompanies every one of the links you require: a USB small scale link to charge your telephone while it is docked, a protracted 5′ adaptable full size HDMI link, and a short ponytail USB smaller scale link that is forever joined to interface with your telephone. Likewise included is a track-cushion clicker gadget that interfaces with your telephone by means of Bluetooth and enables you to control a mouse cursor remotely, make choices; and press the back, home, and dynamic undertaking catch.
SlimPort Nano-Console

SlimPort Nano Console Review


In work this is a basic gadget, however that is something to be thankful for! No product to introduce on your gadget, no menus to experience (on in any event my telephone), no remote obstruction to act as a burden. You simply connect to and your presentation is on the TV! Blending the Bluetooth "mouse" was easy and it worked quickly making Android show a mouse cursor on the screen so you know where to click. You can likewise keep on using the touchscreen on your telephone at the same time. In the event that you include any old USB charger you have lying around it can charge your gadget as well while it is associated, however I stretch this isn't required as the Nano-Console needs no extra power association with work.

SlimPort Nano Console Review

The Bluetooth track-cushion mouse gadget is controlled by included CR-2032 catch cell batteries and notwithstanding giving you a chance to control the cursor, will likewise enable you to change volume. This would be an incredible gadget to go up against a trek and use to indicate Netflix or your recordings on the TV in the lodging or to make short work of demonstrating a business introduction you've arranged on a projector.

SlimPort Nano Console ReviewFinal Thoughts

This is an extremely cool, straightforward, useful, and right away helpful gadget. This is unquestionably going to get some utilization by me on trips and at home. Conceivable entanglements are its utilization of miniaturized scale USB which is being supplanted by USB-C compose associations on a portion of the most recent Android cell phones. Additionally similarity (while it worked consummately with my LG G3) is constrained to specific gadgets that can yield HDMI motions on the USB port. You can counsel for a rundown of beyond any doubt to-work gadgets.

The SlimPort Nano-Console empowers you to reflect chosen Android cell phones or tablets on your primary TV. It's being charged as a sort of set-top box and gaming console expansion for cell phones. It's a savvy thought, yet the creators have taken as much time as necessary putting it on special, similarity is restricted, and the execution leaves a ton to be wanted. With the abundance of cell phone associated gushing arrangements out there, this is an extreme offer notwithstanding for $50.

It's kinda entertaining looking

The SlimPort Nano-Console is a peculiar little gadget that attaches to your TV by means of HDMI. It's a white plastic 3D square with orange features, and a more extensive, thin plastic base with a little edge that is intended to hold your cell phone or tablet set up.

You can connect it to a standard charger utilizing a USB to MicroUSB link, and there's another MicroUSB link forever appended that assumed be connected to your cell phone or tablet, so it can charge while you're utilizing the Nano-Console.

It's very terrible, and the white and orange shading plan, which reaches out to the cabling, doesn't precisely mix in with the normal piano dark TV or wooden TV stand. Gratefully, when the gadget is propped before it, the Nano-Console is escaped see.

What does it do?

The fundamental thought is to toss whatever is on your gadget up onto the extra large screen steadily with low inertness. It's sufficiently productive to empower you to play quick paced recreations, and you can stream motion pictures from administrations like Netflix, or peruse the Web.

To enable you to do that without having the Nano-Console on your lap, there's a separable Bluetooth remote, which is an orange square a few crawls over that is agreeable to hold and works a considerable measure like a workstation contact cushion. The three catches at the base edge reflect your standard Android controls for simple route. It takes a bit of becoming acclimated to, yet with some training you can swipe through screens or photograph slideshows, and the home catch is a convenient alternate way.

SlimPort Nano-Console

SlimPort Nano-Console

The inconvenience is that Android is a touch interface. For a great deal of recreations and applications, having a cursor on screen and attempting to control it with an immaterial PC trackpad resembles some sort of odd torment. It's angering for diversions, yet even broad route can be disappointing. In the event that you truly need to utilize the Nano-Console for gaming you'll combine a Bluetooth gamepad rather, however you'll need to get it independently.

Since this 3D square will sit before your TV at any rate, SlimPort chose to include an additional HDMI port, so you can attach your workstation or whatever you need without finding a port on the back of the TV.


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Genuine constraints

There are some glaring issues with the Nano-Console that basically can't be disregarded. Similarity is a noteworthy issue. The SlimPort innovation that the Nano-Console depends on is just present in a bunch of Android gadgets. It works with a ton of LG telephones, a few Blackberrys, and the old Nexus 7,5, and 4, however very little else. You can look at the full rundown here.

It's cumbersome, it doesn't work flawlessly, and it emerges like a sore thumb. I can't discover motivation to suggest it.

I tried it with the Nexus 7 and it worked more often than not, however now and then it would mysteriously drop the association and my TV screen would go dim. I'd need to unplug the tablet and connect it back to again to recover the association. Once in a while the sound would keep on dropping in and out, however the photo vanished totally pretty reliably, which gets old extremely quick.

There's another enormous issue here. SlimPort offers a HDMI connector for $30 and it does everything that the Nano-Console does, it just does not have the Bluetooth remote, which, to be honest, you can live without. I've been utilizing it for some time and it works fine and dandy, however it does likewise periodically drop the association for no undeniable reason, so you need to connect it to once more. It's an inconspicuous link with a Micro USB toward one side and a HDMI port at the other. There's likewise space to connect your current charger to there, so your gadget can charge while it's associated.

Things being what they are, what does the Nano-Console really offer over the essential SlimPort link, or over a Chromecast, the two of which are fundamentally less expensive? The appropriate response isn't a great deal. On the off chance that you need to peruse on the web or stream content, at that point the Chromecast is a greatly improved gadget that doesn't require any connecting to.

SlimPort Nano-Console

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

The dormancy issues for gaming with the first Chromecast aren't probably going to be such a major issue in the new model, however in the event that that is the issue you're endeavoring to illuminate, purchase a SlimPort link and a Bluetooth gamepad. The Nano-Console controller isn't reasonable for by far most of amusements at any rate.

I discovered one utilize case that my current setup (Chromecast or SlimPort link) couldn't provide food for, and that was spilling a specific TV benefit through an area changing VPN, without getting up to pick the following motion picture or scene. Other than that, the remote regularly turned out to be even more an agony that it was worth.


The capacity to reflect your cell phone screen on your enormous TV is verifiably convenient, yet there are preferable methods for doing it over the SlimPort Nano-Console. Considering the new Chromecast costs $35 and can utilize any Android cell phone as an amusement controller, the $50 SlimPort Nano-Console looks extravagant, fiddly, and restricted by examination.

The DT Accessory Pack

Up your diversion and the get the most out of your rigging with the accompanying additional items, hand-picked by our editors:

Moga Pro Power Bluetooth Gamepad ($16.65)

You'll require an appropriate gamepad on the off chance that you need to play amusements from your Android gadget on the extra large screen.

SlimPort HDMI connector ($30)

This may be a superior purchase than the Nano-Console for some individuals.

The absence of inactivity issues with a wired association is balanced by the burden of connecting to, and the reality it discontinuously drops the photo. It is highly unlikely you can play amusements with the Bluetooth trackpad, so you will need to purchase a controller too. It would bode well to purchase the $30 SlimPort link.

For the most part, I don't generally survey items that clearly still on Indiegogo, however I need to concede that this item, which I grabbed at CES 2016, is so good. I may downplay this, as the SlimPort Nano Console is a decent item that can complete a considerable measure of things.

Essentially, the SlimPort Nano Console is a 3D shape formed gadget that associates with a HDMI show. From that point, you can associate your cell phone or tablet to this block. Not exclusively will this 3D shape charge your tablet or cell phone, anything on your tablet or cell phone will show up on your showcase.

It truly is a smart thought, as it just bodes well to make something to get things on your cell phone onto a presentation. Not just that, you can take control of the cell phone or tablet with a Bluetooth empowered touchpad NANO to control a gadget simply like you are holding it.

Not just that, you can interface a Bluetooth console and mouse to transform the gadget into something unique. Better believe it, it can do that and more with gaming.

Along these lines, better believe it there is a great deal that you can do with this. I trust that the value that I am seeing for this is very low at about $59. You can discover more about it on the SlimPort Nano Console here.

The SlimPort Nano-Console is anything but an awful thought. Microsoft is wagering enthusiastic about the idea of your cell phone attaching to a screen with the new Lumias, however Windows 10 has Continuum to make the procedure smooth. Practically speaking, utilizing the Nano-Console feels cumbersome. It's cumbersome, it doesn't work superbly, and it emerges like a sore thumb. I can't discover motivation to prescribe it.


Mirrors screen with low inertness

Bluetooth remote


Extremely restricted similarity

Stylishly appalling

Remote is fiddly

Drops picture regularly



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