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Garmin Vivomove HR review

Garmin has assaulted us with wellness trackers and running watches this year, however the Garmin Vivomove HR may be the most energizing of the parcel. The main Vivomove was basically a wellness tracker in conventional watch shape, however the Vivomove HR is a full cross breed of style and smarts, layering highlights like warnings over better wellness following and a pulse sensor.

Most charming of all is the shrouded show. The Vivomove HR gives nothing without end when sit still, however on the lower half of the face is a show that lights up with notices and menus; Garmin's prepared a whole working framework into its new watch.
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Cost when surveyed:


It's substantially more yearning than the principal Vivomove, and ostensibly the most attractive wearable Garmin has ever constructed. Obviously we've seen a considerable measure of half and halves this year, so Garmin isn't simply contending with wellness trackers yet the form powerhouses too.

Will Garmin strike a decent harmony between those two universes? We've been living with the Vivomove HR to see if this is the cross breed to beat. Here's our far reaching decision.

Garmin has a considerable measure of qualities, yet configuration has never been one of them. With the main Vivomove an uncommon special case, Garmin's games watches and trackers have depended on rich exercise highlights to convey them without quite a bit of an eye for style. So yes the bar is a little lower here, yet the Garmin Vivomove HR truly is a pleasant looking watch, a half breed that completely hides its keen character in an alluring timepiece you wouldn't fret being seen with.

Estimating 43mm over, littler wrists ought to have the capacity to escape with it as well. The Vivomove HR comes in either a Sports form, with dark and rose gold completions and silicon ties, or what Garmin calls the "Excellent" alternatives, which are more costly and come in either silver or gold-conditioned completions with cowhide groups. These would all be able to be blended with any 20mm speedy discharge band on the off chance that you need to decorate, in any case.

The clock confront is very exposed, with only two hands and no inconveniences. At 11.6mm thick it's only a pinch slimmer than its antecedent, however that may even now be a lot for a few tastes. It measures a consummately sensible 40.8g, however.

Which conveys me to the gadget's most intriguing thought: the show. A snappy look at the watch and you wouldn't believe it's there, yet raise a wrist or tap on the lower half of the watch confront and that touch-delicate show will illuminate, demonstrating you data on everything from the date to the climate to your day's calorie consume.

When you're perusing the screen, the clock hands move to ten-t0-two to shield them from deterring your view. All things considered, I've discovered that show turns out to be absolutely incoherent when under daylight. You can modify the splendor in the watch's settings, however the issue appears to lie in the glare from the glass instead of the show itself. On a couple of events I've wound up having to fumblingly point my wrist to check whether a vibration implied I'd gotten another message or whether it was simply one more move update. The time itself is as yet obvious, so it's not precisely a weighty issue, but rather it's not perfect either.

Garmin Vivomove HR: Features

Garmin Vivomove HR survey

Garmin's mixture strolls that dubious line between a completely working smartwatch and a decent timepiece, and can profess to be just the second cross breed to incorporate a pulse sensor (the Nokia Steel HR was the first).

There are no catches on this look as all communications are done through the screen: swiping left and right will look through the changed countenances, and some you'll have the capacity to tap on to demonstrate more data. The working framework is relatively indistinguishable to the one you'll discover on the Vivosport and Vivosmart 3, so on the off chance that you've utilized those trackers then you'll be comfortable with the collaborations, aside from you're swiping crosswise over simply the base of the watch look here.

Having a show opens up the capacity to peruse messages on the screen, and like other Garmin wearables the Vivomove HR underpins each notice getting through your telephone. Annoyingly you can't channel these, so you can just have them all off, all on, or with the goal that you're just alarmed when a telephone call is coming through. Alarms will fly up with the name of the application, which you at that point tap to open, yet for a few, as Facebook Messenger, you'll simply observe a discourse bubble.

Garmin Vivomove HR audit

As we probably am aware great here at Wareable, notices on mixtures are never impeccable, and on account of the Vivomove HR it can't sufficiently fit on the show at one an opportunity to make these anyplace close comparable to they are on the Samsung Gear Sport or Apple Watch Series 3. While you can look through the sum of each message that gets through, the Vivomove HR can crush so little on the screen at one time that it's regularly going to be speedier to simply go after your telephone. It's useful for calls and dire notices, yet generally it's not the best medium for perusing messages. It's a similar issue that we've seen on Garmin's wellness trackers, and unfortunately the Vivomove HR doesn't give you any more space for messages to live in.

Some shrewd highlights, similar to the music playback control, I've discovered more helpful. The Vivomove HR doesn't have any locally available capacity so you won't have the capacity to stack on any melodies, yet you can control what's playing from your combined telephone.

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Garmin's additionally exploited its pulse sensor to incorporate some better wellbeing highlights, including pressure following, which it presented in the Vivosmart 3 not long ago. This works by following pulse changeability and giving you a score – of 0 to 100 – of how focused on you are. And afterward obviously you have your progression following, calories consumed, flights of stairs climbed and current pulse – all of which you can see by swiping along that little screen.

In case you're enthusiastic about the outside, you'll be cheerful to realize that there's likewise bolster for Garmin's VIRB activity camera and LiveTrack. Your information, as usual, will live on Garmin's Connect application stage.

Garmin Vivomove HR: Workouts, following and battery life

Garmin Vivomove HR audit

While it presently packs in a pulse sensor, the Vivomove HR still feels calculated more towards the throughout the day wellbeing classification than harder wellness exercises, making utilization of every minute of every day HR following for a more healthy photo of your general wellness.

All things considered, you can at present dispatch running, circular and quality instructional meetings with a long press of that concealed show, and for these the watch will track your pulse. We've seen Garmin's pulse tech enhance this year, and running with the HR had quite great outcomes. In the beneath run the Polar H7 chest lash had a normal pulse of 166bpm and a most extreme of 177bpm, while the Vivomove HR read 167bpm and a greatest of 179bpm.

Garmin Vivomove HR survey

I was additionally ready to see my pace for my keeps running in the application, yet take note of that there's no worked in GPS here. To me it's somewhat of a disgrace as we've seen Garmin figure out how to press it into the Vivosport, yet I value that packing that in and additionally the show probably won't have been possible.

This oversight won't be a major issue for some, yet when Garmin doesn't give you a chance to tie this from your telephone, it limits the Vivomove HR's abilities as a running watch. It tracks separate utilizing accelerometer information and its own particular calculations, yet these are never going to be in the same class as utilizing GPS. Beyond any doubt enough in testing it was somewhat off. Not much, yet in the event that you need something that fastidiously tracks separate, this isn't it.

You've additionally got quality preparing, giving you a chance to check reps for abdominal area and weight exercises, and also curved exercises – pleasant additional items for rec center goers. The quality preparing mode doesn't represent everything, except despite everything we've observed it to be really far reaching.

Garmin Vivmove HR

Garmin Vivmove HR

Wareable may get a commission

Rest following is about what I've encountered on Garmin's different gadgets, and I accept it's the very same tech working inside. Garmin's rest following uses pulse following to distinguish rest (an amendment here: we beforehand expressed it wasn't utilizing that data), anyway it doesn't use it to offer a similar level of understanding that Fitbit's following does, however it is showing signs of improvement. Where Garmin's rest following tech has a tendency to fail to understand the situation with me is my wake-up time, regularly revealing to me I woke up somewhat later than I really did.

This is by all accounts particularly the situation when I wake up yet don't get up for some time, and it supposes I'm still sleeping when I'm truly checking my telephone or endeavoring to snatch an additional 10 minutes of rest time. Generally, it's fine, yet I wouldn't read excessively into the charts of light and profound rest, and don't expect predictable precision.

Garmin Vivomove HR survey

Garmin claims you'll get around five long periods of battery life on the Vivomove HR, which is somewhat less than we were expecting when this was first uncovered. A great deal of half and halves run longer – some up to years – however with the Vivomove HR you're paying for that screen in battery juice.

For the audit I've been utilizing the watch more strongly than you likely will, however despite everything i've been getting four to five days. You can extend that battery to about fourteen days when just in watch mode, notwithstanding, so you have reasonable cautioning before you wind up with a dead weight on your wrist.

Garmin Vivomove HR

By Garmin

Garmin carefully treads the line between fitness tracker and stylish timepiece, and the results are mostly good. The hidden screen is a useful and unique addition, even if it's not great for handling notifications and suffers in sunlight. Serious athletes will still want to look to the Forerunner and Fenix lines, but as far as hybrids go, Garmin has definitely raised the bar.

Classic timepiece design
That hidden screen
Heart rate tracking

Screen too small for notifications
Hard to read in bright sunlight

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